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Saturday 5 March 2016



The biblical Judas Iscariot represents many in our today’s unfolding world of events especially that which has to do with Biafra restoration. Judas could wreck and mortgage his entire generation just for thirty pieces of silver. He thought that could solve his problems, little did he know that he was at the climax of his woes. Most people will hypocritically frown and wish they could kill Judas if he is to be here today in our world, but little do they know that they are worse than Judas Iscariot. One thing Judas of the old refused to understand was that his moves to betray the Truth (Yashua) was at his peril, he took the money but could not live to enjoy it.
Today many Judas are standing on the way of truth (Biafra) with no reflections as to their fate and the consequences of their actions. They are blind-folded by the Naira spirit that they find it irrelevant to peruse through history, through lives and endings of those who stood on the path of truth. While Biafra is coming forcefully like Hurricane, many Judas’ are already wounded while others are yet to be crushed. Below are those who are already wounded even as others are likely to get crushed.
This man who most gullible Nigerians call “elder statesman” was automatically demoted by the wind of Biafra that he amounts to nothing today when issues of Biafra is on discourse. Without thinking, he termed Biafran protesters “miscreants” and today, he has been proven to be the “elder states miscreant”. The reality on ground today has made him hide his face in shame whenever issues about Biafra is being discussed. His inability to distinguish between the resoluteness of Biafrans and the plots of his Ohanaeze friends cum some Governors failed his intelligence. Today he is badly wounded by the reality that no one takes him serious any longer just as no one takes Nigeria seriously.
The 21st century hypocrite that turned out to be a confused freedom preacher. This is a man who stated earlier, that Biafra is not an issue and threatened to suffocate Nnamdi Kanu who is a prisoner of conscience using his terror agents, the DSS. Unfortunately, he was failed by today’s achievements and resoluteness of Biafrans to restore their nation that he became the Palestinian’s advocate for freedom; preaching freedom for Palestinians at every international platform he finds himself. Feeling frustrated by Nnamdi Kanu’s rejection of bribes and demonic promises offered him, decided to apportion the blame for the Biafran quest on National Assembly’s inability to start a debate on Biafra restoration. His strategy of killing Biafrans even at prayer grounds has made him a culprit at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and at Amnesty International (AI). Many who talked him into the mess are abandoning him knowing how stinking his future would be before the ICC and AI. Many investors are deserting the Nigerian scene knowing too well that Nigeria’s end has come. What a wounded general!
This is a man whose wound is of historical record that the church and the secular world are sympathetic to his peril. His mad rush to the Biafran issue due to the Abuja donations and mandates for him to destroy Biafra, has indeed put him in a state of comatose that he is in deep regret. Once a respected priest, now he has become like Balaam, he chose to curse the people of God (Biafrans) for the sake of money, without knowing that no curse will ever stand. In a quick heavenly response, he met his waterloo. Today the Pope has also exposed Mbaka’s ignorance and made him look like a lone wolf when he (the Pope) acknowledged Biafran protesters in the Vatican. While the monetized Enugu priest called Biafra protests “evil”, the Pope to whom Mbaka is a subordinate, acknowledged Biafrans in a special way at the Vatican. What a wounded and frustrated Judas!
While many of these governors chose to collaborate with the enemies to kill Biafrans, they failed to realise that every blood that drops on the ground will speak against those who are responsible for it. Those who are presently used against their own people should understand that they will someday be dealt with, by the same people who use them. These governors will suddenly see Biafra and then it would be a point of no return as it might be too late to make amends. Biafrans are not happy with them, they should understand that now, and their role over Nnamdi Kanu’s ordeals are seen on the Biafran radars. The earlier they realise that their pathway could only lead them to destruction, the better their situation would become, as time will definitely prove them wrong.
These are the few criminals who respected Igbo-Biafrans have distanced themselves from, since time immemorial. Ojukwu many years ago, described them as a bunch of “political job seekers”, knowing too well that they are just a gathering of thieves who are like Abuja tax-force against the progress of other Igbo-Biafrans. Few opportunists who are nothing but hungry men that trade on any slightest opportunity. Today, they are at it again trying to reduce the quest for Biafra to an Igbo struggle, wallowing here and there, seeking to mortgage the peoples’ freedom for mere naira notes, foods and drinks. These rogues would be held accountable for millions of Biafrans killed while they were busy junketing from Abuja to Kano for money envelopes. Already, Biafrans are not pleased with them, and posterity will crush them.

Written By Okoro Austine
Edited  By  KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta

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  1. Well all i no this Biafra must be free one day


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