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Saturday 5 March 2016



Nigeria is a comical stage with varying casts, the actors are unprepared for the climax, therefore they fumble and stumble on stage mumbling words, and creating irony that disqualifies the intents of the film director. I wonder if the understanding of these actors are below average or out of context, for they act and they desire and decide regardless of the results the audience get. They are oblivious of the reactions they provoke but seem determined to make a point. This is the case of Nigeria - a loveless marriage of a people with conflicting interests put together on a stage to act as if all is well. The director will surely be disappointed. Biafrans will never entangle in a kiss with a religion called Islam and the Hausa-Fulani will never act a make believe party of being a Christian born-again. The Yoruba will stand by undecided, until they eventually play the part of beneficiaries, be it Islam or the Christian religion. 
This is the Irony of One Nigeria. It is a taboo to expect that the script, if edited politically will yield different results. The Hausa-Fulani will strongly contest to play the lead roles like Kabiyesi, Oba, Eze, Emir, president or head of state, etc. He will love to lord others into obedience and servitude. The Biafran will resist such because rightfully, he is the economic power house and would love to be respected and treated as such. The Yoruba will want to be the link in between, benefiting from both ends like an agent or would blatantly betray any party unwilling to yield to his proposal. Hence, the Nigerian situation is like that of many worshippers on a stage with different gods. “Can two walk together except they agreed? (Amo3:3)”

Fulani Herdsmen with AK47, 
No one says anything

The Fulani herdsmen on a daily basis roam freely with arms and weapons, they kill in hundreds without rebuke nor apprehension. No security outfit checks their iniquitous acts, no arrests are being made nor any attempt to curb their excesses. They kill men, women children, old, and young at will. Corpses litter pathways as they roam freely with their cattle. They invade people's lands, raping, killing, destroying and pillaging. These acts occur in the Nigerian stage. Boko haram another series in the film, incessantly, bomb and kill humans on a regular basis. They overrun villages and cities in Nigeria and hoist flags of authority, claiming ownership and ruler ship.  Even the military, police and naval forces quaver in their presence, they would scamper to safety or face being put to death.
So, who will dare make arrests? Their kingpins would not be nabbed nor arraigned. Those nabbed by the former administration have since been released and put in uniforms as members of the armed forces, then deployed to the east to exterminate innocent lives seeking divorce from this trap of misconception – Nigeria. All security check-points and road blocks were removed in the terrorized north and moved to every kilometer in the east for continued oppression and subjugation.
The question is “why?” Biafrans with a democratic tradition are the victims because they travel a lot as a result of their commercial nature. They establish businesses and develop places as they move from place to place. They have become misunderstood and therefore envied. Their acceptance of other tribes is a weakness that have cost them millions of lives of their own and an un-quantifiable amount of wealth across the stage - Nigeria. They cannot overrun other people's lands as they are naturally republicans and have much value for life. 
But the tide has changed. The clarion call has been made and the blood of slain Biafrans beckons "my people, my people, it is time to rebuild our Jerusalem.” After slavery, freedom lurks in sight. There is no need to fear for life because it is the land of our birth. You can choose where to reside but God puts you where you belong with a purpose. Biafra is enriched with resources and they are ready to be harvested. Let us quit the irony and begin a life of reality. We are naturally gifted and creative, we lead while others follow because we set the pace and we dare the devil. In the face of hypocrisy, let us strike out reluctance and face our destiny. If you delay because of the wealth you have accumulated, you may live to regret it in due course. Keep your wealth abroad intact, but come home and develop your wells of wealth in Biafra. Security abounds at home and there is no place like home.

Written By Victoria Agangan
Edited  By  KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta

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