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Monday 21 March 2016



                                 Olusegun Obasanjo
How is minority assessed and judged? Is it by quality or quantity?
The hen that lays the golden egg is surely greater than unproductive mammoth crowd.
When Ex president Obasanjo refers to Biafrans as minority, it is an understatement that should be seen as a statement of a mediocre.
Facilitating or supporting Ex president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to power does not amount to doing him a favour because all the interests of Nigeria past and present leaders have always been on the Biafran oil wells and rich mineral resources and they devise ways of getting at it. Therefore Obasanjo should stop boasting. Nigerian development is courtesy of Biafrans. 
Democratically natured, Biafrans go about developing every nook and cranny of the Niger area, away from their homeland. They build as they sojourn and trade. Biafra land is rich in mineral resources like coal, palm oil, oil and gas, gold, salt, etc Biafrans are never a minorityBiafra is not a platform, she is not an idea nor an abstract entity but a race, a people situated in the eastern part of Nigeria. They are a nation with enterprise. They are a people of same similitude.
Biafrans are neither agitating for Nigerian goods, favours or political positions.
All they want is FREEDOM!

Biafra existed before Nigeria but in combat fell to Britain who for their own benefits illegally amalgamated her with contradicting entities, hence her catastrophe. How then can Obasanjo claim to sympathize with agitators?
Are they children crying for food? These are people seeking for release from a bond that is not befitting them. The rituals are no longer necessary. We no longer need shrines to sacrifice Biafrans on. NIGERIA expired in 2014 after a century. The right of a people to fight for freedom from an expired nation is legal. The right of a race to seek release from an unhealthy and unwanted union is legitimate. Under the United Nations charter of which Nigeria subscribes to, it is a fundamental right.
It is expedient to point out the fact that Obasanjo understands the plight of Biafrans in a so called country that supposedly belongs to them. He recognizes the existence of a bad economy. Obasanjo forgot to mention that Biafra land is in decay and has been neglected by Nigeria since after the 1967-1970 civil war.
Every other part of Nigeria was reconstructed and rebuilt but Biafra land.
The resources from Southeast are used to enrich and build other states while Biafra land suffers poverty, lack of amenities and attention. They are called minority and given meager allocations lesser than the north and west, which produce nothing. It has been very easy for the present administration to dismantle northern roadblocks, reopen airport, and allow easy access for terrorists boko haram and Fulani herdsmen to strike. They lifted emergency rules while deploying battalions of military personnel and forces to Biafra land.
They kill suffering Biafrans, destroy the land and structures that have over the years been painstakingly put together. Their crime?  Our demanded for FREEDOM.
Is this then a healthy union? No Fulani herdsman has been caught or prosecuted for slaying hundreds of people in Agatu and beyond.
No boko haram has in this regime been charged or jailed but Director Nnamdi Kanu (a prisoner of conscience) has been in jail illegally since October, 2015.
Where then is DEMOCRACY? 
The world needs to look into this case and save Biafrans. We are Christians and do not want to remain in an Islamized country only concerned with shedding Biafran blood from every part of Nigeria.

Written By Victoria Agangan
Edited  By  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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