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Thursday 10 March 2016

Quintessential British-Nigerians: The Ibo Workers of Doom

As anticipated, the consortium of Ibo traitors: governors, chiefs, pastors of doom, Ohanaeze, and imposters who connive with the enemy, and speak from their pockets have spoken without shame. But they do not speak for Biafrans at all.
“Talking about workers of doom, there are certain stooges of supposedly Biafra extraction who participate in Nigeria Ponzi, not because they represent or speak for Biafrans; but because of their knack for sabotaging, and betraying the interest of Biafrans for a pot of porridge. Such traitorous charlatans and their minions are the so called elite of Ibo people.
When a sensitive conversation regarding Biafra arises, these imposters—induced by their degenerate mentors, whose only goal is destruction and plunder of Biafra—arrive first with their pockets lined with fantastic shekels of silver.  They speak from their pockets and for their employers. No sensible person would take these prostitutes claiming to speak for Biafra seriously …Any conversation without the genuine voice of the people is much ado about nothing.
The mark of a quintessential British-Nigerian is the inordinate propensity to connive, lie, murder, embezzle, distort, and corrupt; plus a total inability to reason much further than a terrestrial “baboon.” These perfidious silverbacks are the quintessential British-Nigerians.  Unfortunately, their minds have been scrambled with lies and corruption…
Anybody, groups, or organizations sympathetic in any way to the continuation of the satanic edifice of death, plunder, and corruption is a quintessential British-Nigerian whose god is the British [or a British scoundrel whose god is the devil]. Such primates ought not to be entertained anywhere except by their kind. Many of them have taken their treachery too seriously by forming shadow organizations to circumvent legitimate agitations of the beleaguered people of Biafra. For them, the plight of Biafra could be traded for naked profit. They say what Biafrans are not saying; and quickly compromise what Biafrans are not compromising.

Enemies of freedom, liberty, and light will, as all evil entities, plot desperately to highjack and distort the narrative. They have kidnapped the leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu, in a delusive scheme to destroy Radio Biafra so their bloodbaths may resume unexposed.
Youchastise Indigenous People of Biafra for exposing the truth and wanting to assert her inalienable God given rights. But you forget that you cannot rightfully take what you have no power to give. Life and freedom comes from the Creator God to the extent that you are even free to reject Him or kill another but not without consequence. 
But because the indigenous People of Biafra have atoned, and turned their face towards God, the case of Biafra is no longer in the jurisdiction of man. It is purely now the domain of God. Yet man must do whatever is necessary minute by minute to free Biafra, or face the consequence. But stand in the way and surely meet your doom.”

Point blank: The right to life [and freedom] cannot, and ought never to be ceded to any authority under the sun or {a few Ibo scoundrels. Don’t stand idly by as British-Nigeria police and army thugs shoot defenseless citizens. You have 100% right to kill anybody you reasonably believe is about to kill you. Stop letting these vagabond murderers think they can kill you and go free.
~By Ndubuisi Anukwuem~

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