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Wednesday 30 March 2016


Those who are acquainted with Nnamdi Kanu knows how passionate he is when it comes to speaking and preaching the truth on every given topic. Alot of people seem not to understand what he meant, when he says that "We are whiter than white and snow".
To be candid, the truthful approach exhibited by Kanu in systematically disseminating and spreading the message of the restoration of Biafra, as well as the manner in which he tackles questions/issues that may seem very difficult, digging deep into complex situations, and above all his relentless effort in exposing corrupt leaders in Nigeria scares Buhari to the marrow.

This temerity for speaking the truth obviously did not augur well with Buhari, as he has made it clear that Nnamdi Kanu will not be released in his last media chat. Nnamdi Kanu is seen as an obstacle to sustaining their illegally accrued wealth made from their access to Biafra crude oil and other resources.

Truth itself is exclusive and absolute, not relative. The absolute nature of truth means that it does not depend on, nor changed/altered by people’s opinion.
Buhari fears Nnamdi Kanu because he has succeeded in exposing him to the entire world, including letting the world know that he is nothing but a tyrant and above all, a pedophile. Buhari fears Nnamdi Kanu because he was the first brave man on earth to openly tag him a terrorist, since it became obvious he was both a sponsor and chosen negotiator of Boko Haram.


The truth is that as an ex coup-plotter, Buhari does not have the moral right to seek election as president under a democratic dispensation.
How could he (Buhari) justify that Nnamdi Kanu committed treason, when all the innocent man has ever done was broadcast on radio without any lethal weapon or hatched any plan of toppling any government?.

The whole world through our media have now come to know that Buhari is the guilty TREASONABLE FELON here and not Nnamdi Kanu, because it was he ( Buhari) who committed  treason by overthrowing the government of Shehu Shagari in 1983, and making other countless treasonable incitements.
Can Buhari justify imprisoning peaceful Biafra protesters who were harmless, including a young girl of 15  years found in Rivers state prison?.

How can he justify killing of Biafrans for committing no crime that did not attract death penalty? How can he justify the jailing of journalists for exposing his recklessness and tyranny?. Does it mean that journalist are not safe in Nigeria? Buhari’s past record has shown how malicious and brutal he is in nature. He can keep running away from the truth being said about him,  but he cannot hide from it as the facts and figures are there for the world to see.
I urge those that have suffered and those that will suffer such indignities and ordeals to stand firm and be strong, for the truth will set all things right

 At the end of the day the prisoner of conscience, his truth will always come to light whether he lives or dies, it does not matter how long it takes, for in the end it will always prevail. Every tyrants and bullies are always met with one fate, shame and defeat. At the end of the day men and women of courage and conviction always stand tall and proud. At the end of the day the Ancient of Days always shows himself mighty. All it took was for one man to say “I do not fear what the tyrant can do to me: it is time to say enough is enough”. Cromwell did that and the history of England changed forever.

 Nnamdi Kanu is currently shaping the world with truth, and this will change the history of Biafra forever.  I leave us with this very words of our leader Nnamdi Kanu, "Whatever the case may be, as long as there is life in me (Nnamdi Kanu) and as long as I am at liberty, I shall continue to speak against the evil in the land Nigeria, that seeks to destroy our people and to break the spirit of our nation Biafra".

Written By Anyikwa kelechi cynthia 
Edited And Published Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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