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Saturday 26 March 2016


Many years after the independence of the British creation called Nigeria, one would have expected the so called honourable Nigerian politicians to be equipped with high intelligent quotient (I.Q) with which to carry out their obligations in their respective position, but it is evident they are all nothing but educated illiterates. the height of it is the emergence of a core uneducated illiterate without ordinary WASCE certificate to boast of as a president.

It is very difficult to mention one tangible thing that a Nigerian politician has achieved or done for the masses whom they lied to protect their interest, as well as enhance their living conditions. During their campaign programme, they are quick to make promises which they may or not intend to keep.
 A Nigerian politician will automatically transform to an embodiment of corruption as soon as he or she makes it to the highly exalted position.

 A typical example is the current Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari who made alot of fake promises during his electioneering campaign, which include making a Dollar equivalent to Naira and paying the unemployed a monthly allowance of five thousand Naira (N5000). Today a dollar is equal to almost N400.
While in other parts of the world, especially the west, politics is not a game but a previlege to serve and the will to leave behind a resounding legacy to contend with.

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 How can one explain the recent statement of the Republican front runner in the U.S election, Donald Trump who described the Nigerian president as a man who prefers to constantly globe trot, while his house is being razed by an inferno?. Everybody now understand that Buhari has no agenda to improve the ecomomy of Nigeria, rather his sole agenda has been and still remains the total islamization of the country using his veto power.

Going by the words of Donald Trump, I came to realize that the world at large is not ignorant of what is happening in Nigeria. Politics especially in a democratic setting entails equal right for
everybody, obedience and respect to the rule of law, and the sustenance of human right and justice.
All of this was initiated by the western world, but black Africa, especially Nigeria prefer to run it the opposite way. That is why Donald Trump said that Africans deserve to be recolonised again in this 21st century, because its leaders are mentally impaired to govern its masses.

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in this part of the world called Nigeria, politicians kill, abuse,and even commit genocide just because of greed and selfish interest. Many of them are not held accountable for their governance after expiration of their tenure, thus the constant and massive embezzlement of public funds, and stashing away of monies required for the development of the various
communities under their jurisdiction, into private swizz bank and other foreign accounts.

When such politicians die, these funds become foregone credit, which would be used to run the economy of the very country where the money is being hidden, to the detriment of the Nigerian people who owns money. A typical example is Gen. Sanni Abacha whose looted fund is yet to be retrieved.
 The Nigerian Politicians are truly the leeches sucking the economy dry, global meltdown has got nothing to do with it. Everyday in the dailies, all you will ever read is how one politician or the other stole millions of Dollars, triggering to billions and trillions of Naira. That is the story of Nigerians in the hands of its politicians. This became evident with the recent report, rating Nigeria as the most corrupt country in the world. Nigerian politicians rely on Biafrans resources to accrue their wealth, while our people continue to languish in abject poverty. Isn't that insane?. This among many others are the reasons why they do not want Biafra to be.

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Donald Trump obviously mean well for humanity no doubt about that, and that is the more reason why he should convince us beyond every reasonable doubt that what is happening in Africa is against his vision and mission for humanity. He should as matter of fact make provision for the emancipation of black raise, which can only happen by appending his signature and supporting the restoration oof Biafra when he becomes president.

 Eventhough the whole world keep quiet, Biafrans all over the world must continue in their quest to restore
Biafra. Having said this, as Biafrans embark on a mission to restore their dignity and country, nobody should ever conceive tagging them millitants or terrorists. We are freedom fighters, no more- no less.
We only fight a good course within the tenets of the UN act of right to self determination, justified by God and humanity.

The political class of today in Nigeria is nothing
but a disgrace to the principle of general politics of equal right of all, accountability, trustworthiness, reliability, selfless service and love.
The international community, especially the renowned politicians should rise up and
 defend the rules of politics which their Nigerian counterparts has thrown into the gutters.

The bad eggs in Africa especially in Nigeria may
influence other politicians in other parts of the world with their negative ways and corruptible mind which to me is considered endemic. The UN, UK parliament, U.S congress, ECOWAS, OEAS and many other political organization should rise up now to prevent this precarious situation from degenerating further.

Biafrans seek to govern themselves, and every notable politician will agree with me that right to self governance is no crime. Infact it is essential for peace to reign in every society.
And i also wants to use this medium to urge all
Biafrans all over the world to remain resolute,
courageous and also resist all and sundry that
may pose a threat to our quest for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu may be in prison, but the struggle continues until he regains his freedom and Biafra is restored.

Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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