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Friday 25 March 2016

Gov El Rufai Unleashes Military Terrorism On Christian Community Of Gbagyi In Kaduna

In this video, Mr Chris, the chairman of Gbagyi Villa community committee cried that while the court injunction on the government was subsisting, governor El-Rufai sent Operation Yaki comprising, Army and men of Air Force to terrorise the entire Christian community on Monday, 21st March, 2016.
He also cried out that a widow, whose husband was an army major who died in Maiduguri fighting Boko Haram, managed to build a house in Gbagyi Villa where she and her children have as shelter, but El-Rufai now also issued her demolition notice, planning to reward her with the demolition of her only shelter.
Mr. Chris further explained that on that Monday, the combined forces of lorry load of Army and Air Force men invaded the community in an attempt to cause unrest in the entire state. They were harassing, terrorising, beating up the people; preventing the children from going to school and the parents from going to work. Thus, they raised tension attempting to incite the people to violence. Lamenting that if not that Gbagyi Villa residents are law abiding citizens, the issue would have sparked off serious crises.
He called on Kaduna State government and its agencies to desist from further inciting the masses to violence.
Calling also on the GOC 1 Mechanized Division and the Chief of Defence Staff to stop this gross abuse of the military attached to the Operation Yaki and as a matter of urgency call everyone concern to order.
He concluded by asserting that Gbagyi Villa is a 100 % Christian community with the following statistics:
Over 15,000 residents
42 completed churches
7 churches under construction
Over 3,500 houses
13 schools
4 hospitals
3 clinics
2 orphanage homes
All of the above been a complete 100% Christian community have been marked for demolition by El-Rufai.

1. Even the dreaded Boko Haram has never wrecked this kind of havoc in a SINGLE attack on any Christian community.
2. Most residents of Gbagyi Villa are retirees, widows and those who like living in Estate, but cannot live in already existing estates because of crises.
3. Under whatever guise El-Rufai is hiding this is purely a display of his hatred for Jesus and Christians, which his posts on his twitter handle have clearly show.
4. El-Rufai’s actions and inactions amongst other happenings in Nigeria is portraying APC as a terrible party that has no iota of regard for the wellbeing of Nigerians and care little about sanctity of life.

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