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Saturday 27 February 2016



                                  President Buhari

The word "MADNESS" can be define as the state of being mentally deranged, but madness is usually associated with individuals. But in this context, we shall be analyzing a different kind of madness witnessed somewhere in West Africa.
On the other hand, the word "BARBARISM" can be interpreted as the primitive, uncivilized and uneducated nature of an individual or government and their manner of approaching issues with extreme cruelty and brutality on the people they prevail over. However, such nature of life (Barbarism) was outlived centuries ago with the emergence of the "new world order". Nevertheless, there still exists, barbarians who live somewhere in West Africa, with a dictatorial barbarism. We shall learn about this barbarian as we progressed. But first let us ponder on these questions; Can a father declare and execute war on his family? Can a King declare and execute war on his law abiding subjects? Can a country do same on her law abiding citizens? The answer to these questions is obviously NO! It is never the norm in any saner countries of the world. But surprisingly and rather weird, it will be recorded that even in this 21st Century, a President of a popular West African state declared and executed war on his law abiding citizens.
Somewhere in West Africa, an infamous barbaric beast declared war against a section of the law abiding citizens, massacring them in their millions, burning their houses and looting their properties. And one will begin to wonder what benefit they derived from perpetrating crimes against innocent people.
Afraid that Biafrans might one day lead the pace in Africa and the entire world, the Western countries(The United Kingdom and United States of America) conspired and imposed a CIA confirmed terrorist, barbaric beast and a dictator on Nigerians as the President. President Muhammadu Buhari was chosen as a perfect man for the job, used as a tool of slavery which poses serious threat and a cog in the wheel of progress of the country. Buhari is mentally unfit to rule Nigeria as that has shown in his actions and utterances so far. He is of interest to the western world, through him they manipulate to achieve their aim.
With the support of his British-led Western allies, it was expected that he must implement the script handed over to him by the British and act as was directed by them. He started by illegally arresting Prince Nnamdi Kanu and then proceeded to unleashing mayhem and terror on innocent and peaceful Biafrans through his over zealous foot soldiers.
Muhammadu Buhari as the sponsor of terrorism declared the execution of peaceful and unarmed Biafrans, seeking to annihilate them from existence.
Buhari unleashed his terrorist armies who massacred 10 unarmed Biafrans on 17 December 2015 at Onitsha while they where celebrating the court rulings for  the unconditional release of Mr. Kanu.
Biafrans murdered in the bush by Nigerian Soldiers and
sprayed with very dangerous chemicals

On the 9th of February, 2016 his murderous army invaded National High School Aba were Biafrans have converged for procession and prayers for the release of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu, whom the Nigerian government has vehemently refused to release after the court ruled on  three separate occasions as discharged and acquitted.
They killed and and dumped 13 bodies of slain Biafrans in a popular borrow pit in Aba. The ceaseless and constant killing of Biafrans by men of the Nigerian security operatives is no longer news to those aware of the current situation in Biafra land. Now, all across Biafra land these terrorist in Nigerian military uniform will stop a commuter bus, match all the male passengers in the bus out into the bush and shoot them  all and then afterwards pour dangerous chemicals all over them so they wont be recognized even by their relatives.

The latest of them being the invasion of Ogoni land by  highly armed military personnel, killing raping and disrupting normal activities of Biafrans inhabiting the area by the order of Buhari. As at the time of this press publication, 25 unarmed Biafrans of Ogoni extraction have already been confirmed murdered by the Nigerian soldier who are operating at the orders of Hitler Mohammadu Buhari, the blood sucking president of Nigeria.
Here we have a Beast who is mad, barbaric, cruel, brutal, primitive and uncivilized with a scepter of leadership given to him. His name is Mohammadu Buhari. Now that Muhammadu Buhari has declared a genocidal war on Biafrans, let it be known that the time has come when the Great Biafrans must rise up to defend themselves in the face of this approaching holocaust of extermination because this is a unique kind of MADNESS obtainable only in Nigeria.

Written by Obinwa Ndubuisi Ezeonyebuchi
Edited  By  Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Editor:  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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