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Friday 26 February 2016



While I grew up many years ago in the western part of Nigeria. I had the opportunity to live amongst people from different tribes and countries. Growing up was relatively normal within my young minds. We were ruled by the military; a government presided over by a tyrant, no individual was allowed to have an opinion on any matter. I remember vividly as a young lady, the wickedness Buhari led administration rained on the citizenry.
The showers came down fiercely; the economy went blank like the black-out in a storm, the youths suffered harsh conditions, they constantly faced firing squads regardless of international concerns. Corruption reigned and rode high walls as huge funds disappeared from the country’s treasury just as the budget went missing. It was hell on earth without a single advantage. Eventually Ibrahim Babangida removed him as well.


Buhari had ousted a civilian and a democratically elected president - Shehu Shagari, on the 31st of Dec 1983, in a coup d’├ętat while Idiagbon seconded him. He castigated the Shagari government as being hopelessly corrupt and has done same to Goodluck Jonathan’s regime, he never changes. In his 1st of January, 1984 maiden speech, he stated; "…As you must have heard in the previous announcement, the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria (1979) has been suspended, except those sections of it which are exempted in the constitution. The CHANGE became necessary...”
Now we can perceive the sort of an “advocate for change” Buhari appears to be. He laid all kinds of blames on the Shagari administration; from being responsible for the economic failure to being characterised by massive election rigging etc. he has never changed. As he was also quoted thus; "...The chief justice of Nigeria and all other holders of judiciary appointments within the federation can continue in their appointments and the judiciary shall continue to function under existing laws subject to such exceptions as may be decreed from time to time by the Federal Military Government. All holders of appointments in the civil service, the police and the national security organization shall continue to exercise their functions in the normal way subject to CHANGES that may be introduced by the Federal Military Government.”
The only constant thing as we know it, is CHANGE, a lot has indeed changed and will continue to change until Biafra is finally and fully restored. Under the APC umbrella, the change mantra became thunderous and eventually he took over the seat of power once again. His own perception of change became clear when amidst his change-rhetoric, he denied his campaign vows, promises and asserted they were falsehood. Be it as it may, the change is in progress and we’re all experiencing it in full measure.
If Buhari is an advocate of change as he frequently propagates, it beguiles one therefore to wonder the reason for his resolve to stamp out another form of change that is long overdue – The birth of a sovereign State of Biafra.
He declared war by abducting and illegally detaining  the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and the director of radio Biafra and Biafra Television - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He took a step further by ordering Boko haram members in uniform disguised as Nigerian military to clamp down and keep murdering peace-loving Biafrans who marched peacefully and unarmed, expressing their desire for the restoration of Biafra and requesting the release of the leader of IPOB. They aimed their guns at close ranges and opened fire on unarmed Biafrans without hesitation.
Buhari is tactically maneuvering the decisions of the court and hence encouraging the breakdown of law and order, having adamantly detained Nnamdi Kanu extra judicially.


Earlier this month, on the 9th of February 2016, the combined forces of the army, police and the navy stormed the premises of a state high school in Aba and massacred unarmed Biafrans who have gathered for prayer sessions. 
Over 25 people were murdered in cold blood and more than 30 wounded, the school was burnt down while bodies of the dead and the wounded alike were carted away in Hilux vans and armoured personnel carriers. The remains of thirteen Biafrans taken away were later found in a burrow pit along Aba-Port Harcourt way. They must have been blindfolded as they had cloths around their faces and their hands tied behind them with torn Biafran flags. They were later mutilated with bullets and sprayed with chemicals to distort identifying them and to prevent recognition. Amidst these happenings, some people continue to chant "one nigeria". Even the so-called Biafran elites and politicians announce "united we stand." Indeed, how hath the mighty fallen?
Just a few weeks after the Aba massacre and on the 23rd of February 2016, heavily armed Nigerian military moved into Ogoni land - another Biafran province and perpetrated another act of genocide.
Women, including a pregnant woman, three siblings from same parents, and a young graduate waiting to resume his national youth service were among those that fell to the bullets from these same terrorists disguised as uniformed military mendeliberately deployed to exterminate the Biafrans.
The pertinent question is “Which way Nigeria?” Certainly, Biafra will not go the Nigerian way as they are worlds apart, and Biafra will not annihilate her populace. Why is it that in less than a year, Buhari has slaughtered over a thousand Biafrans and spilled so much blood? 

Biafra will not experience a devastated economy. Goods made in Biafra are already flooding the markets and more will continue to come in. In Biafra, people will not need to die for their beliefs, democracy will be well enshrined in the Biafran values as variances in opinions and beliefs will be accommodated. The blind cannot be led by a blind.
Which way will Nigeria go, what option will Nigeria choose, would Nigeria peacefully let Biafra go or would it do it by forceful means? As the invasion and illegal occupation continues and becomes more sinister in nature, the curtains may just be drawing gradually on peaceful means. However the Nigerian government still has an opportunity to resort to peaceful means and to call for a free and transparent referendum which will allow for the return of serenity. Once more, the emphatic question is, which way Nigeria?

Written  By  Victoria. O. C. Agangan 2016
Edited  By  KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta 
Editor:  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa


  1. What a one sided journalism, typical of a hate filled entity, who was the first to overthrow a democratically elected govt in Nigeria? Answer: Aguiyi Ironsi, that action led to subsequent coup d'etat, he was the pace setter. Who was the first to jail Nigerian politicians? Answer: Aguiyi Ironsi, he was the first indigenous and highest ranking military officer and he set the standard for the likes of Murtala Mohammed, Buhari, Babangida and Abacha.
    Who was the leader that Abolished regional system of govt? Answer: Aguiyi Ironsi, he started the system all that didn't favour all of you today. Remember Ezekiel 18:2 "The parents eat sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge"
    The propaganda that their fathers do that never favour them, the children still continues on same path, may your eyes be truly opened and reveal a better way of going about it than the "same way, different time"

    1. Rop dodo u need to go back and study history for as far as i'm concerned history eluded u in school u are a very bad history student

    2. Rop dodo u need to go back and study history for as far as i'm concerned history eluded u in school u are a very bad history student


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