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Monday 8 February 2016



Hon Justice John Tsoho, who presided over the bail application of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, on the 29th January 2016, proved to the world that Nigerian judiciary is not independent of the influence of the executive arm of government. This is likened to a state of interregnum, since justice can be bought, and the common man cannot get justice from the law court.
I would have suggested that no application should be filed until the previous rulings are obeyed. This application gave Muhammadu Buhari and his most corrupt government the opportunity to draw a game plan on how to jail Nnamadi Kanu with allegations of crimes they surely know he did not commit.
In search of a judge to use in this game Buhari found Justice John Tsoho, who accepted his terms and condition and collected 100 million naira as part payment, to get the rest of the bribe money after sentencing Nnamdi Kanu to jail for live. This information was confirmed by a high ranking judiciary official who spoke on condition of anonymity that Justice John Tosho really collected bribe of 100 million naira.
It has already been planned that Justice John Tsoho will deny Nnamdi Kanu bail on 29th Jan. 2015 and slate 9th 10th 11th and 12th Feb for the hearing of the treasonable felony charge against him, and also ensure that on or before 29th Feb. 2016 he is jailed.

The fact that Justice John Tsoho denied Nnamdi Kanu bail on the ground that 1. Nnamdi Kanu was a threat to national security. 2. That if released, Nnamdi Kanu might commit the same offence again. 3. That there was a probability that Nnamdi Kanu might jump bail because he possessed dual citizenship lays credence to the fact that he was actually bought to do only one thing. These are exactly the script  Buhari started reading from his first presidential media chat on 30th Dec. 2015.
Hon. Justice John Tsoho, before his ruling on 29th Jan. 2016, read out part of the history of the case, which stated that "The first defendant, Nnamdi Kanu has been granted bail made by Hon. Justice Ademola,when he was still in the custody of Dss, but the court order was disobeyed and he went further to state that, an accused person is innocent until he is proved guilty and that it is against Section 35 subsection 4 and 36 Subsection 4 to keep an accused person without bail, for over 90 days. No judge in his or her right mind will deny Namdi Kanu bail, following the history of this case, and that makes it obvious that this is not the ruling of Hon. Justice John Tsoho, rather the ruling of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari through Hon. Justice John Tsoho.

Nnamdi Kanu
While the first and the third reasons are very clear and unsustainable statements, The second reason is unfathomable. What does  Hon. Justice mean by “might commit the same offence again.” Nnamdi Kanu has not even been tried and convicted in any court. Therefore, I do not understand the offence he was found guilty of committing and for which he will likely commit again if released, according to John Tsoho. Is it a possibility that the Justice John Tsoho misspoke or that he could not wait till the trial is concluded before pronouncing the lines in his script? On the first reason adduced, we do not know what the Judge meant by “threat to National Security” because Nnamdi Kanu is not associated with Boko Haram or any terrorist organization. Again I am pushed to believe that Hon. Justice John Tsoho misspoke.
Finally, on the third reason, I am shocked to hear that a denial of bail will be based on the accused person’s dual citizenship. Though the Honorable Judge did not mention the other country to which Nnamdi Kanu is a citizen, we know he was referring to Britain. And we also know that there is extradition agreement between Nigeria and Britain and extraditing Nnamdi Kanu to Nigeria should he flee to Britain will not be a problem for the Nigerian government. Therefore, the judgment of Hon. Justice John Tsoho on Nnamdi Kanu even before the trial commenced is indicative that he is highly compromised and therefore biased, and wrong.
The world is hereby put on notice, about the game Gen. Mohammadu Buhari is playing on the case of Nnamdi Kanu. He that comes to equity must come with clean hand. Nnamadi Kanu Must be freed.  

Written  By  Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Edited  By   Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa

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