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Saturday 26 December 2015


Buhari seems  not to understand the contents of his Christmas message to Christians or can one say that he was just asked to read the lines with no or less care to what he was reading out. Ordinarily, anyone who is reading out a written script ought to know what he/she is sending across. I mean the reader should understand and digest what he is to read out. If this is observed in most quarters of life, how much more the office of Nigeria's president? It will be important to call the attentions of the world and its people to the hypocrisy of Buhari below.
In trying to preach without iota of doing, he said "...let us rededicate ourselves to the virtues of peace, love, honesty, justice, equity, piety, humility and service to others which He taught...". Unarguably, Buhari was just singing a religion mantra which all he highlighted above, none is found in him.
Firstly, he talked of "peace". I wonder what he understood as peace. Without digging deep to history I can site examples of Buhari's "PEACEFUL" attitute in the Nigeria polity. Buhari lost an election in 2007 and incited a violence that claimed the lives of thousands of Youth corp members and other innocent Nigerians in the North-[Buhari's idea of peace] Again, this "angel of peace" threatened that "HE WILL MAKE NIGERIA UNGOVERNABLE FOR GOODLUCK JONATHAN if he loses the 2011 presidential election, and he lived up to that promise when he eventually lost that election by engineering the emergence of the world's most deadly terrorist group (before ISIL) BOKO HARAM. Goodluck Jonathan practically saw hell in his 'personal' 4 years tenure "Courtesy" our Angel of peace Mohammadu Buhari. How could a man who threatened that the "dogs and baboons and will be soaked in blood" if he loses election talk of peace. How could a man who observed the killing of armless pro Biafran protesters tell me about peace? A man who oversaw the killing of  over a thousand shiite Muslim protesters, a man who out rightly refuses to obey the courts orders over the release of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu. And yet threatens to unleash more hell on Biafran people talk about peace. I think he is talking of pieces destruction, blood shed and not peace.
Secondly he talked about "love", mmmmm...those he killed are they loved by him? So asking his untrained military personnel and police to shoot to kill unarmed IPOB and Shiite Muslim protesters is Buhari's act of love and more or less our dividend of democracy from him. He means it is love he showed those Biafrans he killed and others he is threatening to "crush" with his army? I think Buhari should just forget about the issue of love  wich he know nothing about and  talk of destruction of lives and hatred he has distinction on.
Thirdly he talked of "honesty", this is an interesting part of his sermon in Aso rock. Who is talking of "honesty"? What happened to those in Hallibuton scam including Aisha Buhari? What of the issue of REMITA and treasury single account? What of Dasuki gate and your share of the cake? What about your deals in Petroleum Trust Fund PTF? Tell that honesty mantra to those fowl heads around your cabinet and Legislature who allowed a uneducated fool who doesn't know the name of the political party that voted him to power, to lead them. I must continue
Fourthly he talked of "justice". Who are you kiding? Is it justice to sideline a portion of the so called nation in your kitchen cabinet? Is it justice to kill those who their crime is that they are demanding for freedom. Does justice connotes kipping Nnamdi Kanu under terror despite courts orders to free him? I presume you were forced to read out concepts and ideas you know is not in your DNA. It will be a waste of time to point out other virtues he highlighted when I am sure they are opposites of what is obtainable in Buhari.
Finally, he could not hide whom he is when he capped up the message with his real identity, by saying "we must never again allow any group to hold the nation on ransom under whatever guise" but when he held and is still holding Nigeria hostage with his boy Boko haram, he doesn't know what he is doing? "Never allow again" I understand is to unleash more death to Biafran protesters with your killing squad, of course we expect you to have known by now that not even death could make us give up to Biafra restoration. Our leader Nnamdi Kanu has defeated you and your terror squad and we will never back down until Biafra is restored. Either you accept this reality now and let Biafra go or you will be ready to kill all of us as your manner has always been. ITS BIAFRA OR DEATH.

Written By   Austin Okoro
Edited By   Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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