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Thursday 12 November 2015

The World has kept silent once again as Nigeria starts another genocide in Biafra land.

The silence is incredibly worrisome that even a deaf, dumb and blind person could easily notice. Where are the guiding principles of ethical journalism? Have Journalists abandoned their core duty and privilege to seek and report the truth? Whose ultimate interest do they serve - the public or the parochial interest? At what price or promise have they visibly and vigorously failed in their preserved call to defend freedom of expression? No doubt, they have relegated to the dustbin the society’s trust and hope by not living up to their call responsibly, and respecting rights of everyone.

Yes, it is hard to believe but indeed it is a fact. The World Media silence over the extraordinary events taking place presently in Nigeria is tantamount to accomplice to a new genocide in Biafra land in the 21st Century. Alas! But we say never again! The World must hear our voice now. However, where is BBC, CNN, MSNBC, AL Jazeera and a host of others? Are they compromised or collectively partners by conspiracy because of oil bribery? Biafra restoration remains unequivocally an unravelling reality. And Biafra will have no business with corrupt Media outfits that have the privilege of nipping at its roots atrocities being committed by Nigeria but have chosen to turn a blind eye.

1 comment

  1. #‎people‬ are protesting peacefully, they come after them with their Guns, Tanks and APC's and call the protesters Jobless Youths, Criminals, Miscreants etc.

    When the people will be provoked to defend themselves, they will be called Militia's, Militants, Rebels etc.

    Nobody has cared to tell the DSS (Buhari's Tool Box) to release ‪#‎Nnamdi‬ Kanu.

    Everybody turns their accusing fingers to the harmless protesters.

    In summary; i want to state that the DSS (Buhari's Tool Box) are the cause of the ongoing protest's

    ‪#‎UN‬, ICC, BBC, CNN, Aljazera etc; i hope you're all watching.


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