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Friday 23 October 2015

We Don’t Want Resource Control; We Want Biafra – Youths From The Coastal Region Of Biafra (Niger Delta)

Nnamdi Kanu - Leader of IPOB
As the arrest and the subsequent detention of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and the Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television continue to gather sympathy and support from Biafraland and beyond, so it is beginning to cause a rethink in the mind of the coastal inhabitants of the country. In the years past, it is alleged they were fed with all manner of divisive information by the Nigerian State, that they would be subdued by their fellow countrymen living across Oshimiri Ogbaru (River Niger) in the event of the imminent recognition of The Biafra State by the international community. Prominent men and women down to the lowest among them had now awoken from their perceived slumber and has now taken the initiative to educate their brethren of the need to join forces together with their Igbo brothers to campaign for Biafra Restoration. The result of this current reawakening is the huge town-out in solidarity protest in Igweocha (Port Harcout) to demand the release of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu from  the continuous incarceration by the Nigerian State. 

Below is an excerpt from Tyrano Tsunami; 

Oh! my fellow youths of South south and South East, why the media attack on each other because of Biafra? Have you forgotten that this is exactly what the greedy parasites and traitors want? We don’t need to fight ourselves because, whether we like it or not one day we will surely be called BIAFRANS! Let me address the South South wing because I am a proud son of the South South. It is laughable that we the people of South South keep saying that we are not happy with the way the Hausa/ Fulanis are treating us, but still we are not Biafrans.

We want Niger Delta Republic? Hahahahahahaha please forgive my laughter, I laughed because there is no such thing like Niger Delta Republic, it has not been established anywhere or recognised by anybody. If at all anything like that would exist, it will emanate from the discussion between the South South and South East upon the realisation of Biafra and not from the present Nigeria. I said so because, we are equal with the South East virtually in every aspect, they will not marginalize us because they cannot marginalize us the way these parasites are doing, we match the South East in military power, economically and population. My people, it is completely baseless to think that the Igbos would marginalize us in a new country.

All we (SS and SE) need to do is to unite and synergize to wrestle our freedom from these parasitic demons. I am sounding like this because i am fully convinced that secession crises that will lead to war is inevitable in this country, though i would have wished for a peaceful and credible referendum. We the people of South South need to state clearly where we belong and we don’t need to make the same mistake we made in the past. How can we and some parts of the South East will be sustaining the whole country, still they regard us as inconsequential and second class citizens? Let us be wise and identify with our Igbo brothers and sisters who mean no harm but love for us. It is too bad that we the South South people are ludicrously contemplative; we already know that these parasites hate us, and they are only saying “one Nigeria” because of our oil, but we are still skeptical and cynical about the harmless Igbos. 

We better wake up before it’s too late. I just hope our fate would not be that of Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet that got all the convincing signs that Claudius his Uncle killed his Father, but he was still looking for more signs to believe beyond all reasonable doubt, and that indecision led to his death. (I chose to summarize the play in past tense and not progressive tense as required of a synopsis of a theatrical piece). In case you are not aware of the signs that they don’t mean well for us, let me help you with some. -The killing of Ken Saro Wiwa after he helped them to drive the Biafran soldiers out of Rivers state and its Environs. -The blocking of our agitation of resource control at the 2005 National Political Reform Conference. -The blocking of the agitation of increment of Derivation by our people in the just concluded National Conference. -The stiff opposition they gave the PIB that would have given 10% oil proceeds to host communities in our region. -The deliberate and malicious attacks on Jonathan and his aides from our region, while those from their region are being exempted from the attacks. If after doing all these things and many more to us, and some us still see the Igbos as our enemies instead of them, then i regret to say that there is something fundamentally wrong with our thinking faculty. 

We call these parasites poor and illiterate, yet they are able to manipulate us to hate and fear Igbo people, then they crept in to subvert our will and control our resources. Just imagine, poor and uneducated masters to Rich and educated slaves? Gosh! So strange, i really need to do a thorough research to know how to describe such slavery and to ascertain if such slavery has ever existed anywhere before. Let me end my piece with this unguarded statement by Ahmadu Bello. “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great Grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to have control over their future”–Ahmadu Bello, 12th October, 1960.

Let’s tell them the truth: we don’t want resource control, we don’t want PIB, we don’t want derivation, what we want is BIAFRA!

By Chinwe Korie
(IPOB - Family Reporters)


  1. I had a deep conversation with a SS brother a couple of days ago who expressed fears of SE domination in the new country Biafra, and this article represents exactly the response i gave him. You cannot get your Niger Delta republic in the current Nigeria.. NEVER. The need for this SE/SS unity is the only way to freedom. The United States of Biafra will cater for the needs of all the regions and tribes which will be enshrined in the constitution from day 1 so I do not in all honesty see where such fears should ever be entertained. My happiness was that I was able to convince him with my propositions.

  2. The SS has nothing to do with the SE quest for independence - the so called Biafra. Ojukwu's unilateral attempt to bundle the SS into an unholy contraption called Biafra failed the first time around. Let it be clear, I support the Igbos of SE to seek their independence and I'd vote for the actualisation of the Biafran dream should there be a referendum today. Let the Igbos go their way so that the cries of hatred and all the insecurity will stop for good.

    However, no part of the SS will EVER be part of Biafra. NEVER. No conscious Ijaw, Ibibio, Ogoni, Urhobo, and other SS minority person will seek to align with the Igbos.

    The recent protest of Igbo residents following the arrest of the Radio Biafra host in the city of Port Harcourt may have served as PR stunt for the Biafran agitators but it doesn't need to be reiterate that there is a well defined boundary between Rivers State its nearest Igbo state - Imo State. Port Harcourt has NEVER and will NEVER be an Igbo land.

  3. My dear Anonymous, whether you like it or not, we are joining our brother to chase away demons,BIAFRA we stand, after all the man that gave the name Biafra is my Uncle. So I see nothing in what you are writing- Ever since Nigeria has been, what significant have we gain I ask you? My name is Igbo name, and I am from Delta state, so we are all one body, there is no differences. SS have no afinity with Hausa, or Yoruba, the only people we have is the SE,we have commonality and values together, this mean that we must have come from one source, but due to evolution, and Nigerian criminal government,we have divided. And even If Igbo will subdue the SS, let it be at least it better than to remain in this contraptions called one Nigeria scam. WHAT HAVE YOU GAIN SINCE YOU ARE A NIGERIAN? I GUESS ROGUE

  4. My dear Nicholas Jake, that you have an igbo name, simply means that the states were not divided properly. Along with the Delta-igbos are the urhobos, itsekiris... You definitely are not ONE BODY with the other ethnic groups Delta state, sir, You're just in the wrong place.

    OPEN YOUR EYE! The same way Hausas/Fulanis, Idomas, Efik, Nupe, Yorubas and Igbos (and all the other 514 ethinic groups) are different is the same way Delta state contains many ethnic groups merged into one, IJAW! To say that there are no differences is to speak with your eyes closed.
    I believe the only reason you ndiigbos want the states with ports is for selfish interests only. We have the coasts and the oil. You want these to yourselves.
    Mind you, NO MILITANT has the right to speak for the whole South-South (it is cheap propaganda).

    To say we have gained NOTHING from Nigeria, is to lie through your teeth. Not my state, at least. Everything was going well until a fellow Ijaw man decided to frustrate his brother, so there ARE DIFFERENCES, my dear.

    Bros, think about it! To say that you have been marginalized by "Nigeria" is to lie through your nose. Blame all your governors and those who are in political roles that only want to feed their families & stomachs... are they not your brothers, as well?

    See, let me tell you honestly, Nicholas, wherever there are differences, there'd surely be division. Even in countries where they speak one language and have one religion, there's still STRIFE (Somalia). It is to look beyond our differences and accept each other that would help us. It is only a question of mindset, really. When you go to church (if you're a Christian) and you're seated beside a Yoruba or Hausa man in church, do you say "God forbid" and move away? What kind of Christian would you be, then?

    I would also like to know, after the Biafra state is formed, what next? As it seems, there's no plan, yet.

    Let me guess, you'd vote Nnamdi Kanu, who has already named himself the Commander in Chief as President, right? :D ... and then, he'd have to choose from the different states who would be in his cabinet ... (or it might be easier to just put in his brothers) ... puh-lease! Is that not the same thing you guys are saying is the problem with Nigeria? You say it is not a country because there are too many differences SS and SE ... but your Biafra is about to be built on a foundation of differences. It is hypocrisy, to say the least.

    You guys are waging the war at the wrong folks. A Biafra country will not help you, if there are still the same rogues raming the political offices. You're directing your frustrations at the wrong crowd. It is very premature.

    One last thing, let me remind you that Nnamdi Kanu has a dual citizenship. If a war breaks out, he would relocate his loved ones and leave the rest of us to suffer the harsh effects of war. Think about it.

    Yours Truly,
    Anonymous II.


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