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Friday 23 October 2015

The Leader Of Indegenous People Of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu Has Exceeded Expectations

I don't understand why some Yoruba Facebook ranters are taking panadol on Nnamdi Kanu's head.I don't get it at all!
You guys are carrying placards for Igbos to leave your land and at the same time, against Igbos from having their Biafra. What is wrong with you people? I have never see any Igbo that is against you having your Oduduwa Republic. I have never seen one person! Why are you so afraid to lose the Igbo you hate?

You should support Biafra so that you can lock down your Yorubaland with visa ban and strict immigration rules. That is the only way to have total control of your land. Is this hard to understand?
Anyway, I shall come back to this as soon as I clear my desk.
Meanwhile, Buhari - the Brainless One of Daura - has just legitimized the Biafran Struggle and cemented Kanu, not only as the leader of the Indigenous People of People (IPOB), but also as a renowned freedom fighter in the class of Artur Mas.
Yes, you can arrest anyone...even for a writer to be taken serious, s/he must have been arrested, not to talk of a freedom fighter like Kanu. But, commonsense demands that you should know who to offend before you offend the wrong guy.

When you listen to Kanu, what comes to mind is a girl that is dancing on the road because someone is drumming for her in the nearby bush.
The confidence with which he speaks is not ordinary because he has strong backers somewhere. He flies into Nigeria at will without fear of arrest. To belong to the world's strongest organization - the Zionist Movement - is not beans. No wonder his arrest made headline news across the world.

Hate him or love him, Kanu has exceeded expectations! Nobody gave him a chance to pull off what he is doing now. His "gospel" has united Biafrans in over 88 countries and brought the "Hold Them Down Policy" against the IPOB to the attention of the international community. This is no small feat!
Every big media house in the world - NYTimes, Fox News, AP, IBTimes UK, BusinessInsider, News10 etc., - carried the news of his arrest. And this brings the Biafran Struggle to the front burner. The end of this Lugardian fraud called Nigeria aka ZOO is near!
Buhari - the Dullard of Dauara - at the United Nations last September, supported the Palestine to have their own country, but he is at home arresting those that want to have their own country. What an idiotic hypocrite!

For those that are saying Kanu is preaching hate and violence, have you wondered why he has not been arrested in London? Is Nigeria more civilized than the UK he is broadcasting from? Kanu has preached his "gospel" in all the major cities in the world - London, Sydney, Melbourne, Madrid, Barcelona, Jerusalem, Paris, Milan, New York, Texas, California, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Johannesburg etc., - without harassment or arrest except in the ZOO!
I have said it before, it'll be the undoing of the Brainless One if he still uses the eyes of 1984 to see today's Nigeria.
Thanks for the free publicity Mr. Dullard, since you didn't learn anything from the Radio Signal jamming episode.

By Slik Austin


  1. Looks like the urgent need to publish these articles makes for the inherent errors there in.

    However it has conveyed its good message and may Chukwu Okike bless Biafra.

  2. Bear in mind that Biafra means excellence!!! My brothers and sisters show them we are World class, please. O J Dieli, PhD


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