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Tuesday 29 September 2015

What crime did this young Biafra in a casket commited? he was murdered by Nigeria Navy and Police

IPOB: Biafrans that was murdered by Nigeria Navy and Police was laid to rest yesterday 

Biafrans that was murdered by Nigeria Navy and Police while they were having a peaceful Evangelism on 30 August 2015 in Anambra state...One was laid to rest today. His death will never be in vain.. Nigeria must pay dearly for this.. Gallant Biafran rest in perfect peace. We will never forget ur names and must be remembered as far as this world continues.

Act In Onisha Resulting In The Death Of Many Civilians

Quote by IhentugeRest in peace my brother. we will all die someday, somewhere, somehow. At least you died fighting for your freedom, you died fighting for what you believed in which is better than you to die under your bed. we will meet you over there bro.

Quote by Chidozie
Death as a debt owed by everybody, but the question is how do one die? To me U died a death of honour while in the struggle for your freedom. There no more honourable way one could die. Rest in peace my Biafran brother as i am sure all of us must be there.

Quote by Obioha
Na lie just lik that! May you never R .I .P brother until you have avenged your death! may your killer never last more than 7days after you are committed to the mother earth.  The accidental discharge shall be police portion so long as they war against Biafran citizens until they finish themselves. As the blood of over 2 million Biafran children, men and women killed by Hausa-Fulani since 1966 pogrom till date has risen against them by possessing their youths(boko haram) to kill their people, so shall you hunt and kill all the zoo security personnel in Biafra land without delay, may you never die or be weak spiritually. Biafra actualization struggle you must continue by fighting our enemies until Biafra is actualised, then shall your spirit rest in peace as we will give you all a befitting burial. Iseeeeeeeh!


Quote by Okeke
Your blood will continue to tear Nigeria apart until it finally breaks up. Rest in peace my brother. The battle will never stop until that vision is realised. Sleep on gallant and brave warrior.

Quote by Prince
The zoo Nigeria govt denied it..they lied to their animals that no Biafran was shot dead.. You idiots can now see the truth.

Quote by Goodluck
Brother rest in peace we shall see again! but until then your death will never be in vain. The Biafra family assure of avenge of your death. 

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