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Saturday 26 September 2015



It was just 8am on that faithful Monday morning as I walk my way through the normal busy road of Oshodi market in search for a natural herbal medicine for my dying mother Ezekwu-bu-Ndu meaning (Truth is life), just as I bent down in front a very beautiful onye-ofe-nmanu lady and my attention was drawn to a pieces of an old newspaper on her scanty table with the inscription (The don’t love themselves) and as they said curiosity kill the cat, I decided to be the cat on the Monday morning to see if I will be killed but to my almost surprise a heated argument sparkled between this lady and I despite been her first customer and at the end it still born to the old adage known to an average Yoruba person with a notion that the Igbo speaking Biafran’s don’t love themselves.

But can this be true that the Igbo’s don’t love themselves? I asked myself as I make my way out of the market and after so many years the truth is about to made manifest so that the same average Yoruba person far and near will know that no ethic or tribal section in the zoo are more connected spiritual and physical than the Igbo speaking people of Biafra, Let’s not pretend to be the best or more united set of person’s as one of my then friend called Kayode told me and I quote; Because in the mist of us are the most and the worst set of human’s that God created  on the surface of the earth and I mean the Yoruba very myopic, very ego-centric and more selfish and that is why in the mist of us the tribal sentiment plays a major role in shaping our religious believes unlike the Igbo’s who frown at most these religion we embraced.

And having studied the history of Yoruba’s and Lagos in a particular in school and I can rightly stand out and said when it’s come to unity the average Yoruba person will be found wanting that is why they always sell out themselves to enemy for a little peanut and I mean betrayal, yes I also know that we the Igbo’s love money and that is why we are very industrious and hard working set of people and anywhere in the world an average Igbo man stand out in term of business and innovation the evidence is there to speak to itself and why will someone who is reasonable said that the Igbo’s don’t love themselves and I challenge anyone with the evidence to rebate my article and I will give you more than thousand and one reasons why the yourba’s are the worst set of people, so when a snake and a yourba enters your house kill the Yoruba man and leave the snake because he or she is more dangerous, every Igbo man has a way he or she view life and but when it comes to oneness we are second to none and that is why the Igbo’s and Biafrans as whole were able to stand as one and fought the Biafran war against Nigeria, Britain including some other world powers and is yet to set another record very soon and which is something no other section of the zoo can do talk less of the Yoruba, more over what is the criteria for passing that long age judgment ? Is it in terms of politics or social lives even if it’s one of the above and I will tell that person that ambition is self determined and not a societal so can’t be used to judge the Igbo’s and as long as I know we are very accommodating set of people and very sensitive in all our dealings.

My brother’s and sister’s unity and love starts from family grow to friendship then to clan or society which is what can be found in all accepts of the Igbo community where ever you find them in group but one cannot do away without the fact that in any society they are always some bad nuts who may try to inflict the other to the detriment of others and it’s not peculiar to the Igbo’s alone but since am not here to dealt with what happens to any other tribe I will not go into details but whenever the need be for me to do that I  will dig deep to unveil it, so I employ all well meaning Biafran’s to discard that distorting old adage that we are not united or love our self, if we don’t love our self why are we fighting this course as one? Just take a close look around where you are now while reading this article and ask yourself just this simple question…….Who is my enemy within?, and any answer you got we tell you if you are at peace with your fellow Igbo man or not.
On this note, I still call on the Administrative of PMB to let the Biafran’s go though he can’t determine our faith, Our Faith lies in the hand of Chukwu  Abiama and at the end he will honor as he has promised us in the just ended Biafran Atonement.

Long Live our Director Nnamdi Kanu
Long Live IPOB
Long live State of Biafra
Oscar Onyeani Umah
(For Family Writers)

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  1. My names are; Johnny Brown Wonah, I represent the one United people of Yache/Yala LG, Cross River Biafra Land. I want the world to understand that we were one people before the amalgamation of this country and we shall remain one people till dead. This struggle is not for Igbos alone but for all the state that made up Biafra. My honorable director, I want you to understand that we are in full support of this struggle financially and prayerfully because we have no weapon to fight but Chukwu Abiama who reside in heaven will come and restore our land and rescue us from the hands of our oppressors. Thank you my director, may Chukwu Abiama give you all the strength to carry on. Thank you.


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