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Saturday 26 September 2015

I Repeat, Buhari Is A National Mistake And Total Disgrace To the so called Nigeria

I Repeat, Buhari Is A National Mistake And Total Disgrace
"NEPA Bill Certificate" In Action: The State of The Economy Under Buhari In Numbers
1. Zenith bank sacked 1, 200 staff
2. Access bank sacked 800 staff
3. Skye Bank sacked 400 staff
4. Unity Bank sacked 320 staff
5. Construction industry sacked 60, 000 workers
6. La Casera weeded out 1, 300 workers
7. Nigeria Stock market has lost over N3 trillion in the last 3 months
8. Foreign investors have withdrawn over N400 billion from the stock market.
9. Unemployment rises by over 60% in the last three months
10. JP Morgan delisted Nigeria with over N310 Billion lost in 24 hours
11. GDP dropped from 6.1% projected in 2015 to 4.5%
12. Ethiopia and Kenya overtook Nigeria as Africa's number one and two for FDI, within the last three months.
13. Naira is on a free fall. It exchanges N222, N350 and N256 against the Dollar, Pounds and Euro respectively.
14. Companies are closing down, others are downsizing so as to survive the visionless, rudderless and directionless government of Buhari.
15. Inflation rate has hit 10.1%
Do you still prefer "NEPA Bill" Certificate to Degree Certificate???!
On March 28, 2015, history placed us on a crossroad, to choose between two parts: one leads to darkness and the other to light. We thought we had easy choice to make - choose light. But, instead they chose darkness. Now, they are sacrificing both the present and future.

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