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Monday 28 September 2015

Buhari is indirectly a Boko Haram supporter and sponsor?

The title of this this short article gives a clear understanding of the contents it intends to share to its readers. First let me begin by saying that good leadership requires an act of determination to solve existing problems, and the capability to act in due diligence to the will of the people. Nigerian President Buhari has demonstrated a lack of leadership capabilities and this is evident in his difficulties in appointing his cabinet ministers in over 4 months in office…. How can he explain to Nigerians and the world that he’s yet to find competent hands to serve in his cabinet? Does it mean that Nigeria a nation populated with over 170million that includes high level professionals and technocrats has no capable people to serve in the cabinet? (See Buhari's remark about Ministers in >> sunnews)
It is really saddening at this point as Nigeria economy keeps crumbling due to Buhari’s “Baba go slow” approach to leadership of not yet appointing his ministers under the guise of trying to fight corruption and searching for the “non-corrupt” ones; yes we all are in support of his “anti-corruption” crusades but the economy shouldn’t suffer neglect… “Baba go slow” please be fast enough so our economy doesn’t collapse!
Buahri’s un-seriousness is written all over his leadership approaches, especially security which has become Nigeria’s greatest nightmare with Buhari not visibly doing anything meaningful to curb the insurgency coupled with other security challenges like kidnapping which has become a lucrative business in Nigeria…
My question is how incompetent can a leader be to the extent of failing to be present or sending delegates to a side United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting on security which particular focus was on Boko Haram? Only for the Presidency to issue a statement that it had other important things lined up & wasn't officially invited (which do we believe?), reasons for Nigeria’s no show during the UNGA security meeting on how Boko Haram – like what can be more important to Nigerians at this moment than security? (See Saharareporters for more details)
LR: Bukky Shonibare with Malala
One of the strong activist in the #BringBackOurGirls campaign Bukky Shonibare (left on the Pic above) expressed how embarrassed she was at the absent of Nigerian officials at an event it ought to be part... see her tweet below:

Does it mean the president doesn’t have a single empathy for the lives lost so far due to the insurgency? Or is he sympathetic to the Boko Haram sect, thus wants them to prolong their barbaric acts? These questions bring about different answers and thoughts on the genuineness in Buhari’s claim to end the insurgency.  Some observers are of the opinion that Buhari is lackadaisical in his approach to fighting Boko Haram simply because he believes in some of the group’s ideology i.e. Islamazation of Nigeria and the full implementation of Sharia law across Nigeria not minding that there are other religions (See News24 for more details). It’s safe to say that one of these arguments might be correct and this is the reason i believe that Buhari isn’t serious in his fight against Boko Haram…

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