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Monday 17 August 2015

Every man made empire disintegrates. Nigeria must go into the dustbin of history

BE WARNED!!!!                                                                    
The fear of MEND and Biafra’s foot soldiers has made Buhari to direct Maj-Gen Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff to perfect plan of sending Hausa/Fulani Muslim deadly soldiers to south-south and south-east. Their mission would be to crush anybody or group of people who oppose the government or threaten the unity of the country.

Just last week, Lawal Musa Daura the DG of DSS sent also Hausa/Fulani Muslim DSS operatives to trail prominent politicians, Journalists,and activists in south-south and south-east. This persons that are being followed can be assassinated by these Islamic DSS operatives, and it would be made to look like thugs killed them.

The reason while Buhari is using Hausa/Fulani Muslim soldiers and DSS operatives is because, he doesn't want them to show any mercy or sympathy while unleashing terror on the peaceful Christian south-south and south-east people.

My good people of south-south and south-east please tag your friends to this post and share it to send the vital information across, because it is better to know what we are faced with than to be taken unaware by this wicked parasites, that would be catastrophic and disastrous.

Play/Download late Prof Odenigbo lecture 

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