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Monday 10 June 2024

Ex -Soldier Blasts Nigerian Government, Military, Warns the Press Against Misrepresentation, Gives Reasons For Resignation

Ex -Soldier Blasts Nigerian Government, Military, Warns the Press Against Misrepresentation, Gives Reasons For Resignation

Ex-Nigerian Special Forces Soldier, Daniel Somtochukwu who resigned from service due to the Nigerian Military/political establishment, vindictiveness towards his ethnicity(Igbos & Easterners), has accused the government and Military for terrorism on his people. He also demanded that the Nigerian press/media desists from addressing him as an active serving soldier, but an ex-Soldier.

The resigned Soldier frowned at the harmful treatment meted on his people, in contrast to the biased and favoritism towards the north and the terrorist groups emanating from there and ravaging the entire country. 

According to Somtochukwu's post of X-social media, "The highest act of terrorism by the Nigeria terrorist @HQNigerianArmy against Biafra people. Now ask them, is this not terrorism of the highest order?" 

 Also, "Nigeria media should address me the way I addressed myself as Ex Nigerian soldier stop misquoting me make una no talk say I dey impersonate"

This comes in light of the recent and continued overwhelming military invasion of Aba, Abia state by the Nigerian Military over the killing of 5 soldiers by unknown gunmen on the Biafra 30th May Fallen Heroes Commemoration day, 2024. 

The military at the orders of the Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu declared war on the Indigenous People Of Biafra whom they accused of being responsible for the attack. Though IPOB have stated unequivocally in a press statement that they are not responsible for the attack, calling it dastardly and demanded an open, public investigation into it, while on the other hand asserting that the attack was a false flag, politically motivated operation by the enemy of the Biafra struggle which it champions. 

IPOB believes the attack was masterminded by enemies of the commemoration of the death of 6 million Biafrans who were genocidally massacred in the 1967-70 Biafra war, which recorded tremendous success and due compliance by residents of the SouthEast, and the Economic breakthrough of Dr. Alex Otti's Government.

Nevertheless, this has not dettered the Nigerian military from unleashing an indiscriminate abduction operations against  youths in Aba. Preliminary reports shows that well over 300 (Three Hundred) young people have been abducted, and more disappeared without trace since the 30th of May 2024.

A lady doctor resident in Lagos, but whom family resides in Aba - their ancestral home, took to X social handle and lamented how her kid brother, aged 15 was taken by the Nigerian military men from their home alongside his sister, leaving behind their bedridden 70 years old sick father unkept. 

Similar stories & worse continues to emanate from Aba as days go by. Many young youths, most of whom have fled Aba metropolis to their various ancestral homes to avoid being targeted, were eventually tracked and killed.  The Nigerian military in one of such cases claimed it acted on "wrong & misleading intelligence." 

The Ex-Soldier in reaction to the bogus contrast about the overwhelming Aba militarization compared to the north where terrorists of various sect are having a field day, massacring deployed soldiers and civilians alike, displacing them in droves into refugees camps, with little or no crackdown on them or the civilians there by the state and military.

He stated that he condemns the military against its actions in Aba and South East as a whole, positing that the Nigerian Military "hates and despises his people". And this was why he threw in the towel. The Ex-soldier also urge everyone else from the Eastern region who are currently rendering services to the enemy's army to follow suit. 

"Over 300 people have been disappeared by the Nigerian military, yet our brothers in the military will see the evil that is been done to their people by the organization they under and they are still there , when something happens to them you will start showing pity."?, he said. 

"This is Vincent omile [illustrative pictures added]15NA who died in Maiduguri under Boko Haram attack @HQNigerianArmy he wasn't even recognised and this energy that is been put in the east today wasn't put then , no benefit to the family, why the eye service in abịa state ? I grew together with him in nkpor." He added. 

In many instances, Somto cited various reasons why leaving the Nigerian military was the right thing he ever did. He argued that during his time in service in the north where he was deployed, they were constantly compromised, under-armed, but then sent to confront terrorists who were for the most part, armed-to-the-teeth. 

"Nigeria army have deployed troops to okigwe from the video I watched .With lots of gun trucks but I was in F.O.B 151tf bn darjamel and isis attacked our camp 2019 with up to 50 trucks if am not mistaking and we had only this gun truck I posted .The hatred on my people is alarming." 

"Throughout my service in northeast I was officially given 60rounds till I left @HQNigerianArmy under the regime of maj Sani as my Oc in 151tf bn, but see the way they are busy pumping ammunition’s to kill my people in east and they want me to stand in one Nigeria 🇳🇬?

"It is only in Nigerian army that Sitrep [situation report] will come that boko haram are 5km ahead of our camp instead of the officer in charge to order the mortar platoon to engage them when he knows there’s no ammunition in camp to fight they will ask us to be on red alert. Youths should wake up, Isn’t that suspicious? Our youths should stop being used, our Biafra youths should know the games going on in the military that made me quit. It takes the grace of God and being sensible before you will get to your senses and reason about the things happening."

Is only in Nigerian army that Sitrep will come that boko haram are 5km ahead of our camp instead of the officer in charge to order the mortar platoon to engage them when he knows there’s no ammunition in camp to fight they will ask us to be on red alert .youths should wake up.

 Continuing, he said, The family of his young friends and colleagues who fell fighting the terrorists  were never taken care of. Some of these friends, he claimed never got to take their first abysmal salary but were tragically killed by the terrorists. And even the salary of the current servicemen is nothing to write home about."

"The soldier that I posted last time that was striked by IED [illustrative pictures added] didn’t actually died of the IED but died because they left him helplessly and bleeding killed him ,our youths should stop joining organization that doesn’t value their live and wellbeing." 

"A day to remind you youths that a soldier was killed by boko haram that made his closest buddy cried and the @HQNigerianArmy didn’t retaliate so hard and no benefits to the soldiers family but they are busy killing my people in Biafra land." 

Somto also added that most of people in the military are disgruntled, and knows he is speaking the truth but are scared of being eliminated; 

"Many people knows that what I am saying is truth but those in service are afraid to voice out to avoid being killed directly or indirectly." Citing instances where patriotic officials in the military were roundly dismissed from service by orders from Abuja, for going hard on the terrorists ravaging the north.

To crown it all, same terrorists whom numerous lives are being exhausted to combat would later be captured alive, and instead of making them pay for their crimes, they would be integrated into various civilian/military institutions by the Nigerian government as "repentant terrorists", and then deployed to the east to kill as currently obtained in Aba and other places, He lamented. 

These reasons and many more, are why Somto believes it is stupidity for a Biafran, Igbo or anyone from the East to serve in the Nigerian military. 

He said "Those of you that always ask why I quit from the Nigerian military, this video is one of the reason [illustrative clip added], I can’t continue service the government that sends troops to kill my own people while they let go of terrorist."

As a result of this some of the Nigerian media institutions opted to air his grievances, though addressing him as active soldier, which he strongly insists to be rather addressed as an Ex-Nigerian Soldier, to avoid being accused of impersonation. 

He also criticized the international community and global human rights institutions for turning a blind eye on the atrocities being committed by the Nigerian military in the Eastern region. 

"Dear World- NIGERIA🇳🇬if these are not human Rights abuses by Nigerian Armed forces against innocent cibilians in the South East what do you call this?The world is watching.IF NYERERE WAS ALIVE HE WOULD  SAY NO-UN,AU,EU WHY ARE U BLIND @antonioguterres @SuluhuSamia @KagutaMuseveni."

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