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Saturday 1 April 2023

Carnage On IPOB Protesters In Aba And How Nigeria Government Never Fails To Demonstrate It's Bloodthirsty Tendencies Towards Biafrans

 Carnage On IPOB Protesters In Aba And How Nigeria Government Never Fails To Demonstrate It's Bloodthirsty Tendencies Towards Biafrans

31st March 2023 is a day that will forever remain indelible in the minds of Biafrans. It will be counted as a day the Nigerian Government and security openly challenged the Indeginous people of Biafra (IPOB) to do their worst if they are really upset. It is a day the Nigerian Security killed scores of peacefully protesting IPOB members in Aba, Abia State. 

Nigeria Government have been hell bent on destroying the Biafra restoration movement by all means. It has worked hard in accusing IPOB and her daughter vigilante security group - Eastern Security Network(ESN) of all manner of henious crimes in the Eastern region(Biafra), mostly since the abduction of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and renditioning him to Nigeria in 2021. And the worst is that the Nigeria state have been the one committing these atrocious crimes, ranging from the Kidnap of the IPOB leader to the criminalities that were targeted at blackmailing him and his movement. 

IPOB have been a non violent self determination movement that believes in a referendum to determine the fate of the Biafran populace. IPOB wants to correct the colonial damage made by the British in amalgamating Nigeria without consultation from the Indeginous populations domiciled in their ancestral lands, with their respective but varying culture and value system.

Even when IPOB formed the ESN in 2020, it is to curtail the unabated killing of Biafrans by the Fulani terror herdsmen. IPOB never deviated from her peaceful means of agitation that have been in play for over a decade, since 2012, irrespective of the incessant extrajudicial killings by the Nigeria security forces.

Notwithstanding, the Nigeria state have still not been ready to see reasons, rather it has continued to stage-manage blackmails through false flag operations to indict IPOB and ruin her International reputation as well as to jail the IPOB leader whom they kidnapped in 2021 but lack the legal jurisdiction to sentence him since he committed no crime whatsoever.

One of the resultant effects of the Government's false flag operations against IPOB and ESN was the recent misbehavior of the Institute of economic and peace (IEP), the group responsible for documenting and publishing activities of terrorist groups around the world.

In IEP's 2023 annual report, this Institute mischievously indicted IPOB and ESN as the 10th most deadliest terrorist group in the world, but it was actually a conspiracy between them and the desperate Nigeria Government to falsely tag the IPOB movement a terrorist organization around the world, to cripple Biafra restoration activities.

Thankfully, IPOB Leadership raised an alarm and threatened legal actions against the Institute which is currently situated in Sydney, Australia. It is this alarm that led the institute to withdraw their false terror indictment on the group as IPOB 

These incessant blackmails prompted the IPOB leadership to allow a protest in which the protesters dressed in white(a signal of peace) and demonstrates that they have nothing to do with the crimes and accusations being levied against them. All they demanded was the release of their leader Nnamdi Kanu as already ordered by supreme Court of appeal on 13th October 2022, and for the state to consider conducting a referendum. 

Unfortunately, the Nigerian security operatives who are always trigger-happy, shot dead over a dozen innocent people, carried away their lifeless bodies(to destroy evidence) and abducted as many as possible.

This is simply a repetition of history, where over hundred thousand Biafrans in 1966 were massacred in series of pogroms unleashed on them in northern and south western Nigeria. This was an incident that led Biafrans to defend themselves as they withdrew from the unwelcoming union to form the Republic of Biafra. But same people who killed and pushed them out of Nigeria came back and killed over 3.5million of them to bring them back to Nigeria.

With this unwarranted provocation by the Nigerian Government and her security, they are gradually pushing the contemporary Biafrans to tread the same path as their ancestors did in 1967-70. 

The world should not blame Biafran for Self defense is an inalienable rights to every human being and peoples in this world

The international community should brace to witness another Biafra resistance, if the needful is not done, because those who sow the wind will surely reap whirlwind.



Written by Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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