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Tuesday 29 November 2022

The Road To Biafra Restoration, And The Huddles therein

  The Road To Biafra Restoration, And The Huddles therein

Uniquely, this very dimension of the Biafra restoration struggle championed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), has been through lessons. Much of the problems the struggle is facing at present, are results of mistakes made in the past.

But, of a certainty, we have learn from our mistakes. I must say that every of our mistakes have in one way or the other, been a stepping stone to Biafra restoration. We face every problem with keen interest while shaping the future to avoid the same occurrence. 

Likewise, I am happy that, despite the huge problems we encounter on this road to freedom, our zeal and determination to restore Biafra still rises above every of the challenges. And, Biafrans must understand that more problems are ahead; do not expect rosy freedom fighting, do not expect merriment on our way to freedom, the pathway to liberty is full of both internal and external complications. Your left hand might disappoint you, and when you turn to your right hand, it will be singing another song. Our spirit must never lose focus on our goal to Biafra freedom.   

Nigeria government will never allow you leave the imposed union without putting up a fight. They will come in so many ways and with so many strategies to throw confusion on this movement; The government will never allow you speak in one voice, they will send agent to set confusion in IPOB family meetings, etcetera. Because the formidability of IPOB in setting up IPOB families across the globe is seriously a big threat and heavy challenge to the British establishment(Nigeria). They will come in so many ways to bring confusion so as to force you to speak in different tongues and languages. If you understand this, then you will never allow yourself to be used against this global family. 

I have said this time without number on different platforms; a genuine Biafran can be used by Nigerian government without his/her knowledge. And the question should be, how? When you allow yourself to be used to derail the efforts of this movement; either by argument or confrontation, blackmail, anything you are doing against the constituted authority of IPOB, it automatically amounts to sabotage and at that point, the government is using you against the IPOB freedom movement.  You might be a government agent or being used to do the government biding without your endorsement.

Who is Nigeria government?  Everybody understands that Nigeria government is fighting IPOB, yes, but not everyone understands how that fight is carried out.  The government will fight back through you if you allow them to use you. Yes, they can use you to fight this noble cause by giving you the impression that you are doing the right thing, without knowing that the government is using you to fight the freedom movement you are part of. 

If your action is against the constituted authority of this struggle, if you have been deceived to see the leadership of IPOB as the major problem of the struggle, I tell you, the government is using you against Biafra restoration struggle without your knowledge. In other words, if you are being use to set confusion in IPOB family, my brother, my sister, the government is using you. 

One major thing a true Biafran who understands how government fights back will never do, is to allow anyone to use him/against the leadership of this movement. If you have fallen victim to any of these outlined measures, I want you to have some reflection, understand that you are being used to fight IPOB family, the government is using you to set confusion in IPOB.

The most noble thing that should be done now by anyone in such situation is to take a u-turn, reflect on his/her ways, make necessary amendments and guide up for the days ahead is still evil.

Written by Mazi Emeka Gift

For Family Writers Press International

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