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Saturday 8 October 2022

Insecurity: IPOB not responsible - Army commander confirms


October 8, 2022 | The Biafra Times


Following the incessant abductions, illegal arrests, killings, burning of homes and markets, going on in Biafraland by Nigeria Security Operatives, we the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great prophet and liberator *Mazi Nnamdi Kanu* has been vindicated by the recent statement that emanated from the GOC 82 Army Division Enugu, Musa Umar to the effect that those involved in the insecurity in the East are criminals hiding under Biafra Agitation to commit crimes and not IPOB Members.  

The Nigeria Army and it's sister Security Agencies especially DSS have committed so many atrocities in their claims of fighting insecurity in Biafra Land. These Security Agencies have killed uncountable number of innocent Biafrans, burnt their homes and destroyed their properties and means of livelihood because they believed they are all IPOB members or sympathizers. 

The new Army Commander who during his visit to Governor of Anambra State acknowledged that IPOB and ESN Operatives were not involved in the unwarranted insecurity going on in the region, said that the  criminals committing these obnoxious crimes are hiding under the cloak of Biafra agitation to perpetrate their evil in the Region.

What the GOC failed to state however is the fact that these criminal gangs were created in the first place by the Federal Government and some Eastern Region criminal politicians in collaboration with Security Agencies to demonize IPOB's Biafra struggle. For years, the Nigeria Government have used the media to cover-up their evil actions while blaming IPOB for the crimes they Mastermind. 

For instance, it was Hope Uzodima and the Federal Government that Masterminded the Owerri Correctional Center jailbreak in order to free the criminals they are using today. Can anyone believe that a prison in the heart of Owerri can be attacked for over 3 hours without any security intervention with the avalanche of police and military in Owerri and its environs?

If the Army Boss is not aware of this information, why then is the military colluding with Ebubeagu that was created by Dave Umahi and Hope Uzodinma in killing and burning down homes and properties of innocent citizens especially those of IPOB members?

Nigeria Government and her Security Agencies know without question that IPOB is  nonviolent in it's struggle for Biafra Independence. But for their fear of the outcome of a Referendum as demanded by IPOB and stipulated by the UN Self-Determination Principles, they resolved to sponsor criminals to create insecurity in order to blackmail IPOB. Today, the insecurity they have created have spiralled into a monster threatening their own safety in the Region.

IPOB and ESN never attacked any State Institution nor it's Security Agents. Nevertheless,  Nigeria Army, Police and DSS Agents were abducting, torturing, jailing, and even extra-judicially executing  anybody they suspected to be IPOB member. To them as long as you are from the former territory that was known as the Eastern Region, you automatically become their target otherwise how can one explain and justify the wholesale enforced disappearances of our youths daily. If they have their way, they would use Biological or Chemical substance to wipe us all out of existence that is if they are not contemplating that already. The Nigerian Army, Police, and DSS agents must leave IPOB members alone and focus on their duties. 

Their continuous effort to blackmail, harass, and extra judicially murder Biafrans and IPOB Family members will destroy them. 

Yes one of the main reason for setting up the ESN is to secure our land from Fulani foreign invaders masquerading as Fulani Herdsmen. It should also be unequivocally stated that  IPOB and ESN are meant to combat all forms of criminality in our land.

IPOB cannot allow criminals to run riot and operate unhindered in Biafraland because that will defeat the whole essence of our struggle for the liberation of Biafraland and our people from the clutches of this evil and luciferian enclave and union called the Zoological Republic of Nigeria.

The Sovereignty of Biafra and freedom of its people is an outcome that must come to pass and achieved by this very IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


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