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Thursday 29 September 2022

Vision 2020-20 and the Hopelessness of the Nigerian State


By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie | The Biafra Times

September 30, 2022

“And what became of Vision 2020-20 now?” I asked myself, suddenly realizing that we are already in the last quarter of 2022, two years behind the promised year. Arms folded over a bare chest, one leg crossed over the other, I lolled back in the sofa, staring blankly into the thin air as bitter memories galloped through my mental frame.

More than a decade ago, we were being placated by the scammers running Nigeria with Vision 2020-20 project – a project aimed at launching Nigeria into the world’s 20 topmost economy by the year 2020. In their thoughtlessness, the nerveless non-analytical stomach-driven political stooges parading as pressmen in this failed British experiment called Nigeria ran away with it, helping the scamming old vultures to drive home their fraud. And because we have been so psychologically raped and mentally eclipsed, we swallowed the pill hook, line and sinker, smiling at our doom and singing praises to our predators.

2020 has come and gone. The bogus and much hyped project was nowhere near being achieved, and no one even dignified it with a mere mention. As with the rest of Nigeria’s projects, it went down the drain as if never dreamt up.

This is 2022, and it’s fast sliding by. No one talks about Vision 2020 anymore – not the government, not their ass-licking press, not you and I who, although have been fooled over and over again, still submit ourselves for further pranks. We are in 2022, yet we are nowhere close to the world’s 20 topmost economy. In contrary, we are even sliding lower into oblivion, debt rate increasing, productivity decreasing.

Today we are again being promised the unimaginable. The politicians are at it again. We are being told that by 2023 this sham we mistake for a country will be producing aircraft spare parts and, like victims of psychological rape we are, we believe this yarn, with the more mentally inept even clapping for our mental rapists.

The promises of a better Nigeria are akin to the promises of a horny man to a whore. Fact that Nigerian youths fall for the same deceit over and over again puts a question mark on our collective claim on intellectualism.  Nigeria is a country where tribalism and religion are more important than technological growth. No such country ever develops.

It’s our choice to either go our separate ways and grow like India and Pakistan, Malaysia and Singapore, or remain forcefully lumped together while holding ourselves down.

The Biafra Times
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected] 

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