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Wednesday 6 October 2021

Unknown Gunmen, Nigeria’s Card against Biafra Restoration

By Onoja Christian Obinna | Biafra Writers

October 7th, 2021. 

Right from the day of the Northern and Southern amalgamation that gave birth to what is now called Nigeria by Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, a British colonial representative, the South East has suffered enormously from all governments. The people of Igbo nation have always been targeted for extermination, a situation that caused the people to seek a country of their own, Biafra.  

The young republic led by late general Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu was met with a war of aggression by the Nigerian government then led by Yakubu Gowon – a war that lasted three years and claimed the life of over three million Biafran civilians from 1967-'70.

To assuage the damage in Biafra, the federal government of Nigeria had come up with the 3R’s (Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Reintegration). The government soon renegaded on its promises, however, and this is believed to be responsible for the resurgence of Biafra agitation in the present day.  

Despite the No Victor No Vanquish proclamation by Nigerian government, the horrors of war are made even more intense with government policies targeted at the Biafran. Practically all sectors of government in Nigeria reflect a master/servant arrangement.


In early 2012, a young prince named Nnamdi Okwu Kanu from Isiama Afara-ukwu Ibeku in Abia state was inspired to resurrect the Biafra agitation having had his years of studies in Britain. 

He instituted a radio station (Radio Biafra London) through which he preached the gospel of liberation for the people of eastern Nigeria, a cause he was so much dedicated to till he was arrested by Nigerian government. The arrest sparked heavy protests in all states of eastern Nigeria – the region he has been campaigning for dismemberment from the larger Nigeria. The protesters were meted with a lethal force by the Nigerian security forces.  Many unarmed civilians were killed. It was so gruesome that even Amnesty international reported it.  

On 28 April 2017, Kanu was released from prison on stringent bail conditions. As he awaited his court appearance day, the Nigerian military invaded his home, killing 28 men in a bid to get at him. The trauma resulted in the demise of his parents. Kanu who had miraculously survived the attack went incommunicado for thirteen months, resurfacing in Jerusalem to the chagrin of Nigerian government. 


The incessant attacks, killing and rapping of Biafrans in their farmlands by the Fulani herders prompted Kanu to write the eastern states governors, appealing to them to checkmate the deadly terror of the Fulani herders. Either the elected authorities lacked the inability to do so or they didn’t care enough, for they ignored the plea.

Unable to watch more lives destroyed by the marauding herders, Kanu in December 2020 floated a security outfit named Eastern Security Network (ESN), with a well spelt out jurisdiction. The outfit is saddled with the responsibility of protecting Biafra forests and farmlands from foreign invaders, the Nigerian government haven asserted that the herdsmen are foreigners from neighboring countries. 

For inexplicable reasons, the Nigerian government saw the ESN as a threat and sent in the army to attack them. Many lives were lost. The raids were especially intense in Imo state where the installed Fulani puppet governor was doing his best to please his slave masters. 


Although IPOB has remained nonviolent and civil in its demands, Nigerian government has ignored all diplomatic calls to address the agitation, choosing instead to indict the group as a violent outfit.


The defeat of the Fulani mercenaries sent by the federal government to unleash Jihad on the people of Biafra made the cabal in power to change strategy. A force within a force was created and called the "Unknown Gunmen," with the special assignment of  killing Igbo people in Nigerian security services while the media will be used to blame it on IPOB. To make it seamless, these hired folks were made to carry out heinous crimes on IPOB sit-at-home days. 

Just as a bird will not rest until it finishes its nest, the Nigerian government never relented in test running every avenue to deploy the function of the fifth columnists in destabilizing the resoluteness of the people as that appears to be the only option left for them to apply since the use of force and incessant killings could not deter the people. 

Will Biafrans allow them to achieve their aim? Time will tell. 

The Biafra Times

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

Publisher: Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu

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