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Thursday 28 October 2021

Blackmailing Civil Disobedience a Sign of No Repentance

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers 

October 28th, 2021.

For some years now, divergent opinions have questioned IPOB strategy and suggested the group holds eastern political leaders responsible for the dilapidated state the region has found itself in. If not any other thing, such opinions suggest that the political leaders are the people’s doom. 

But holding the said leaders responsible without providing an opportunity for them to retrace their steps first would have seemed that IPOB is using a sledge hammer unjustly. On the other hand, availing them a chance to prove that they have repented will justify IPOB’s actions against them in the nearest future. 

It therefore becomes incumbent on IPOB to let the world know that on many occasions the people of Biafra have opened the door for dialogue but the supposed leaders shut it up, refusing to repent of their wrongdoings. No remorse or whatsoever, choosing instead to work against any measure the people employ to free selves from Fulani stranglehold.  

When Biafrans protest, the supposed leaders invite the military to massacre them. When Biafrans create a security outfit to protect them from Fulani herders terrorizing them in their farms, the political leaders in conjunction with Nigerian government fight them, to the extent of floating a terrorist group called the Unknown Gunmen just to blackmail the security outfit.

Now that the people have resorted to a sit-at-home protest, the same leaders have launched stellar media propaganda to blackmail the exercise, with claims that sit-at-home protest will cripple the economy of the region and endear the federal government to declare a state of emergency in the region. As if that is not enough, they have also condemned the boycott of Anambra election, stating that it will pave way for the Nigerian military to take over the state. Isn't it laughable to know that these leaders always have something to say to blackmail any exercise the people engage in to emancipate themselves from the clutches of tyranny?

One begins to wonder if IPOB is the first in the world to employ the instrument of election boycott and sit-at-home exercises. Civil disobedience is a worldwide tool, IPOB only borrowed the strategy haven seen its potency. If it yielded good results for those that used it in the past, it’s only wise that IPOB adopts it.  

Mahatma Gandhi used election boycott in India’s struggle for independence. The Montgomery bus boycott organized by Martin Luther King Jr. from 1955 to 1956 proved to the white supremacists in Alabama and across the U.S. that Black Americans could yield their economic power in pursuit of their civil rights. The same goes to sit-at-home process.

These leaders know too well what they are doing; their aim to stalemate the struggle and use the imprisonment of Kanu to harvest political gains for their respective families is what is fueling this blackmail. Electioneering has for decades strangulated the Biafran economy because it always ends in the installation of kleptomaniac and selfish leaders whose mission is to dry the coffers of their various states in order to give a better life to their families.

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