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Friday 6 August 2021

Abba Kyari's indictment has exposed the duplicity of the Nigerian police

Princewill Akubumma ll Biafra Writers

August 6,  2021.

The indictment of the dismissed Nigerian police chief, Abba Kyari, has opened a can of worms and the level of decays in the Nigerian police force. 

The seemingly corrupt police chief who had been conferred "super cop" by government authorities, has met his waterloo at the beginning of August 2021, as a United States court indicted him in the case of money laundering involving a notorious internet fraudster, Abbas Ramon, also known as Hushpuppi.  

Evidently, all the documents released by the United States FBI showed that Abba Kyari's involvement in  fraudulent activities was not only in the case of Hushpuppi but he [Kyari] was also reported to have been a party involved in other nefarious activities as he was being indicted by many witnesses who has emerged from different quarters showing many evidences of corrupt practices he was involved in.

The Nigerian police force as we all know is ladened with gross corruption, injustices and severe human rights abuses, but thank heavens for exposing Abba Kyari whose case is just a "tip of an iceberg," in the face of other atrocities and fraud going on within the Nigerian police force.

Reports revealed that the embattled police chief was responsible for the  extrajudicial killings of detainees whose relatives could not afford to pay the (exorbitant) ransom money being demanded by Abba Kyari and his team of the so-called 'Instant Response Team,' IRT. The latter has upon till now, enriched themselves through this dupery since its establishment. In the process, those detainees whose family members were able to pay the ransom, would be freed; while those who could not, were taken to the slaughterhouse - in most cases their organs harvested, and sold - never to return again.

Furthermore, in some quarters, there are reports alleging that Mr. Kyari had enriched himself so much that he gifted mansions, and expensive cars seized from kidnappers and internet fraudsters to people in his clique.

Kyari was as well said to have, in duplicity, acquired many castles in major cities across Nigeria; even in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. 

With the latest developments, there arises a major question seeking clarity:  how could a supposed public servant; a common police man become so wealthy, living like an emperor (all from the proceeds of dupery), yet the anti-crime agencies have never probed him? This lends credence to the high level of corruption in all sectors of governance in Nigeria; especially, amongst those who are supposed to check crimes, execute law and order.

The anti-crime agencies have enriched themselves, become so influential (powerful) that no one dares to probe them. However, thank goodness for the FBI's 'intervention' to unmasking the hoax right under our nose.

Hopefully, this would definitely expose many other top police officers, and politicians in Nigeria.


PUBLISHED BY Offor Princewill A.

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