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Sunday 25 July 2021

Until FG proves Kanu inanimate, 'bail jumping' remains frivolous

Until FG proves Kanu inanimate, 'bail jumping' remains frivolous 

July 26, 2021

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, , Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, 'goes' to court this day (July 26, 2021), in continuation of his trial on treasonous charges trumped up by the Nigerian State. Amid the trial, presents a case that Kanu "jumped bail".

For the records, Kanu, who represents the view of the people of Biafra in the quest for self-determination, was arrested in 2015; charged of treasonous offenses - for agitating peacefully (demanding), a referendum for the Biafran people to determine their social and political status - howbeit , some of the charges which could not hold water, were quashed. 

Subsequently on April 28, 2017, Kanu was released from prison on bail. While serving his bail term; albeit with stringent conditions, his home was raided by Nigerian security forces in September 2017; an awful incident which led to the death of about twenty-eight (28) IPOB members. However, he (Kanu) survived the state-sponsored assassination to eliminate his life at all cost.

Just lately, the IPOB leader was illegally brought back (renditioned) to Nigeria to continue his trial as the government said he had jumped bail. 

In light of this charge, the social media is agog, in a bid to understand how the IPOB leader could have jumped bail when the federal government, which by the way is the prosecution, appeared to have had a hand in Kanu's failed assassination. 

Owing to the fact that no creature runs to its predator for safety; no judge, in accordance with moral standards, should posit that 'Kanu should have reported, or run to the nearby police for safety'. 

As a defendant serving his bail, Nnamdi Kanu is under the security of the presiding jury of the Nigerian court to secure his appearance on any said day and/or time. Alas! The (failed) assassination against Kanu, brought about his flee to a 'safe haven'. As it is said, "for every action, there is a reaction".

In a court of law, if a suspect is deemed likely to fail to turn up in court, the suspect should not be given bail rather he should be remanded while awaiting trial. Why did the federal government grant him bail since they know that he was going to jump bail. 

The bail jumping case remains a frivolous one, and unjustifiable. In the first place, if Kanu was felt to have altered his bail condition(s), the court was bound to have revoked the bail, and possibly issue a bench warrant. Rather, the government chose employ military might to exterminate him.

We are dealing with a government that misinterprets peaceful agitation as treason, call for referendum as call for war, civil wrong as criminal wrong etc. A government riddled with the case of trampling upon people's right.

It is evident to say; "only a tree keeps standing, unshakable, after 'seeing and hearing' signs of its fall."

Publisher: Charles Opanwa 

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