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Friday 14 May 2021

The Time is Ripe for Negotiations or Outright War

The Time is Ripe for Negotiations or Outright War

By Umeh Chiemelia A | Biafra Writers

May 15, 2021

About three hundred [300] years ago, the first wave of attack against the Indigenous People of Biafra was repelled by what can only be described as a divine intervention - the sudden invasion of our Biafra territory by tse-tse fly against the jihadists, they were stopped at the hills of idoma even Governor Ortom of Benue state reiterated this historical fact when he proudly proclaimed, "our ancestors stopped them, we are not afraid of them". The war of 1967 - 1970 provided the Nigerian government Jihadists with foreign collaborators another opportunity to complete the earlier expedition of over running the entire South of Nigeria and dipping the Quran in the ocean, by the end of the genocidal war over five [5] million Biafrans were pronounced dead.

To cover up for the war crimes they committed against the innocent Biafrans, they deliberately stoped the teaching of history in schools. The worst thing you can do to a people is to hide their story from them. Progressive nations embrace their past, with the right leadership, the ship of the state is steered towards avoiding the repetition of that ugly past by reminding the citizens in the classrooms and with annual commemorations of the war events, this is needed to avoid the dangers of the earlier historical actions. On the  27th day of January every year, the government and people of Germany commemorate the atrocities of the Nazi government against the Jews holocaust, highlighting the irreducible fact that a peoples story is part of their essence of living.

The vital lessons of history helps one to avoid repeating the mistake of the past. At every stage of a peoples' historical transition it is always demonstrated. When the agitation for self rule erupted in the American colony, the  English King sent his troops to crush the collective will of the American people. By 1776 millions of Americans where dead, but the Americans got their most cherished  freedom and liberty. Once again, demonstrating that all men are created equal before God and man and reserve the inalienable right to pursue their own happiness. In the case of America, the unwanted waste of human lives and material resources would have been avoided if the British crown had been wise enough to avoid armed conflict.With the tool of diplomacy and "fact of history", they would have negotiated their national objectives by granting a quasi autonomy. 

Great Britain decided to go the way of Anglo-Saxon conquest. They were roundly defeated by the continental forces duly commanded by the legendary George Washington. Great Britain learnt history the hard way from the American forces. When agitation for autonomy began in other colonies like Canada, South Africa, Australia etc, they quickly granted a semi autonomy --- a dominion with full right and privilege as the mother nation (Great Britain). That is the Genesis of the common wealth of nations. The network was expanded when the former colonies negotiated their way to political Independence so long as the economic interest of the British is sustained. This is the reason No.10 Downing street is holding the Indigenous people of Nigeria down till this very day.

In other words, the binding link between the misery, subjugation and the suffering of the Indigenous population is the Fulani hegemony. The British economic interest and the Fulani National interest of securing a permanent homeland collided and intertwined in Nigeria. The only radical challenger to that unholy alliance is a very stubborn, highly decentralized and courageous Biafrans whom  to the British authorities have not learnt their lesson from the events of 1966-1970 genocidal war. The British government learning on the past experiences of empire building, knows how to manipulate and maneuvering of people's mind, conscience and events, the British government has encouraged the Fulani oligarchy to make sure that they always divide the people of the East from within so much to the extent that someone who scored fourth [4th] in an election automatically became the winner for the very first time in modern day political history then what happened to the first position, second and third position participants?.

In Ethiopia, the Eritrians fought for thirty [30] years to secure their Independence. By 1999 after the loss of lives and resources worth millions of dollars. The Ethiopians came to the realization that it's futile to stop the collective will of a determined people not to achieve their set objective of a free state, they had to let the Eritrians go their separate way.
The desire of the Fulani hegemony to secure a permanent settlement for it's people through political manipulations and conquest at the detriment of the Indigenous People of Nigeria is a mission bound to fail and will always fail. Why? - Because there is a balancing force in IPOB and the Eastern Security Network to counter the actions of Fulani Jihadists and their masters in England - The British government. IPOB has been able to mobilize and embolden the Oduduwas, Middle Belt and Hausa - Gobir Kingdom to stand firm against the Fulani criminal occupation of their lands.

The escalation of tensions in Nigeria today will spell doom for the Fulani. The core Yoruba leadership --- OPC will mobilize her youths to defend their land and push for the ultimate disintegration of Nigeria. The Middle Belt would not want to repeat the historical mistake of the past by supporting the Fulani against the other Indigenous people. The Hausas wants to remove the yoke of the Fulani from their shoulders. They have learnt the hard way. This was actively demonstrated by the refusal of the Hausas to attack Easterners living in the North at the peak of #EndSARS and just recently, utter failure of the food blockade necessitated by the refusal of the Northern indigenous population to give their active support. So who will the Fulani oligarchy march with against the Indigenous population?.

What made the Janjaweed think they can win this war?. Learning from history is the only wise thing to do, for no force on earth can stop the collective will of a determined and bruised people. Why? - Because they have nothing to loose but have everything to gain by defending their land, civilization and national pride. America at its peak could not defeat a ragtag, less trained Vietnamese Army because the Vietcong was ready to loose everything to secure their homeland, that is the highest level of determination, courage and astute resilience ensured the ultimate defeat of the most technologically advanced and the most powerful nation in the history of mankind. The Spartans demonstrated an unusual courage of legendary repute against the more powerful force of king Xerxes 1.

We understand that it was the intention of the Fulani hegemony that Biafra should never rise again. The emergence of IPOB is a testament that the Almighty God is with Biafrans, It's a pointer that the obsessed plan to dip the Quran in the Atlantic is a dead mission on arrival. Those who are advancing this Jihadists agenda will never escape war crimes. Not even your foreign disintegrating  patron -- Great Britain will save you - Fulani. Muhammadu Buhari can not hide himself anywhere in the world. The capture of the     Rwandan genocidist suspect Felicie Kabuga  in Paris  on the 16th of May 2020 should serve as a lesson to the Fulani oligarchs. Muhammadu Buhari and the Sultan of Sokoto caliphate can't hide anywhere in the world without trace to your hideouts. 

If the Americans could not stop the Vietnamese, If the Ethiopians could not stop Eritrians, if Pakistan could not stop Bangladesh, then Nigeria can never stop Biafrans and the Indigenous populations of Nigeria and Biafra at large. The time is ripe for peaceful negotiations or outright war. The right time for strategic talks is now, the Nigerian government should make this moment your best time and finest hour. Fulani Oligarchy use your grip on the levers of power to negotiate your way out of this heavy rain that will cause massive flood of your national objectives of conquering people in their ancestral lands. Your Fulani herdsmen foot soldiers scattered in the South should be recalled and resettled in the core North, your over dependence on oil has diminished other sources of potential national earners. Use this opportunity to negotiate your most coveted source of income which is the oil and gas in Biafra land for a post disintegrated Nigeria peace.

Relying and depending on British government is not to your best interest because eventually, the old lady will abandon you. The British government is only interested in the sustenance of the free oil and gas that's running through Biafra land to Britain and the sustenance of the British pension system that is hinged on the free oil and gas coming from Biafra land which it's termination will spark unprecedented uprising that will threaten the already unstable United Kingdom and in extension the British conquered lands around the world. In other words, a United Nigeria is sustaining the old vampiric lady, the disintegration of Nigeria will spell doom for British government and what is left of the British empire.

Eventually, No. 10 Downing street will seek for negotiations with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the leadership of IPOB. The British crown will out-smart the primitive Fulani because they do not understand history and politics. Funny enough Fulani will meet the Indigenous Nations that will surface from the balkanization of Nigeria in ECOWAS and the A.U respectively. The attitude Fulani exhibit today, based on understanding and historical fact will determine the kind of relationship they will have with their future neighbours. Fulani attitude towards the Indigenous people of Nigeria should be based on win --win arrangement. Failure to adhere to the principles of making good neighbors along our territorial lines will further break down the already fragile relationship and will eventually lead to war. 

British government is fully well equipped with the tools of experience, history and Independence negotiations. They will negotiate their way through and take over your bargaining strength and you will become the worst and sour loser. British crown is not and can never be your friend forever. Fulani you must abandon this ideological fervour of total islamization of the Biafran people and focus more on the sustainable goal of national survival. National survival should take preeminence over your Islamization conquest ideology. Go and sit with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu now that there's time, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the solution to the problem of Nigeria rather than the problem. The President Muhammadu Buhari's government tried killing him in 2017 with the thought that his elimination would have quelled the insurrection of the Biafran youths. The Death of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would have morphed ipob into something beyond control. 

The killing of the Biafran youths in Aba, Nkpor Onitsha, Port Harcourt , including the consequences of the #EndSARS protests has created an invisible forces of unknown gunmen. The gory activities of the Fulani bandits and Fulani herdsmen menace in the forests and bushes in the East of Nigeria has necessitated the creation of Eastern Security Network (ESN). The forces are eager and ready to defend their Indigenous land at all cost. The only buffer between Nigeria and these forces is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
The activities of the unknown gunmen in the East lately, the banditry in the North is a clear pointer that the structures of the state is collapsing speedily. Merging Boko Haram and ISIS and allowing them to invade the South is counter productive because they will be roundly defeated in the South and their remnants will eventually over run the North to your own detriment. This is not the best approach to achieving your national objectives in a divided Nigeria. 

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 

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