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Wednesday 7 April 2021

Air Strikes in Biafra: We can also afford fighter jets

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers 

April 7th, 2021. 

Nigeria has proven beyond contemplation that the old vow to make sure no Biafran  survives is what this Fulani regime has come to implement in full force. It baffles me that the camp of the Fulani bandits massacring innocent civilians has not been bombed even as Sheik Gumi confessed "the army knows where the [bandits] are".

Why is the federal government that is supposed to treat all ethnic nationalities, equal, hell-bent  on pampering the Fulani tribe that contribute nothing but terror to the society. Why is the government showing their strength in Biafraland but has failed to replicate such repression in Arewa land; where ostensibly all the terrorist organizations spring from.

There are a lot of pressing questions begging for answers, at this precarious moment the government has mapped out the Biafran territory for total extermination. But, it has failed to answer any of those questions thrown by the people. They are glaringly running away from any debate that would put to light their conspiracy against the good people of Biafra. 

The air strikes are uncalled for. It is totally unacceptable and lends credence to the ulterior motive of the Nigerian government towards the Eastern region. Politics aside, a pivotal question should be asked by the political class in the Eastern region- why the air strikes? 

Severally, the Fulani herdsmen whose grand patron is the President of Nigeria, has been busy killing people in Biafraland. No investigation has been conducted and no Fulani herder, bandit has been held accountable for a crime they openly claimed responsibility. 

Now, the people has mobilized to taking the bull by the horn, the government is 'mad' at their bold step. It is clear that the government is sponsoring the massacre of her own citizens. Moreover, the same Fulani are said to be stakeholders in the Nigerian government. 

Nevertheless, to those ordering these strikes, let it be at the back of their mind  that air strikes are not monopolized to the federal government alone. The Eastern region can afford fighter jets too. The land of the East is very precious to the inhabitants that no son or daughter of the soil would allow it to be invaded by terrorism backed by the Nigerian military. 

The people have made their points clear; no more checkpoints in their territory as it is with other regions in the contraption called Nigeria. Secondly, no Fulani should be found in forests of the (Eastern) region. But, if the government continues, unabatedly, backing the killer herdsmen, then the government would be hunted too. 

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Edited By Chikwas Ọnụ Ikpe 

Publisher: Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu

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