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Friday 12 March 2021

The Role of Religion in Africa’s Emancipation; a Lotus for Bishop Kukah

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers

Friday, March 12, 2021.

Africa is an enclave encompassing distinct specie of human beings referred to as the blacks and so has a unique way of life. Irrespective of people's different perspective on how Africa should be spaciously enhanced, without taking into consideration Africa’ uniqueness …  especially in areas like religion, politics and cultural heritage, all efforts geared towards developing Africa prove abortive. 

On the religious scene, Africa is enslaved to the religion of other continents. Christianity and Islam which are predominant in Africa are not African but religions of other continents. It is not a question of if these two religions are good or not, but it is a concern for giving the African people what is African by nature. 

In Asia where Islam is predominant, it is certain that one must hear the name of Allah as it is melodiously sang. Irrespective of civilization, the Islamic laws guiding them are sacred. They may enhance their laws but they never abandon it totally. They never called their culture evil rather they review it. 

In Europe, it is predominantly Christianity. Before Christianity came, Europe was predominantly practicing Paganism. All worshipped the pagan god called Zeus. Even as Christianity spread over Europe, the Europeans didn't copy all that Christianity came with. They still embedded their paganism in Christianity. Instance of this are the changing of the name of the messiah to reflect their pagan god, Zeus, (Jesus), raising of statues, saints etc. Everything they did reflected their ancient religion.

 Africa only copies other continents. Someone would say that it is because of the Berlin Conference of 1885, but Africa has come of age; they should undo the wrongs that conference might have caused them. 

The religious leaders in Africa are not helping matters at all. Other religious leaders in other continents are busy promoting their own values through spiritual preaching but here in Africa, ours try to look physically like Europeans by wearing robes and Kaftans. 

Take a look at China that doesn't know Jesus. China is doing well because they never borrowed nor copied other people. They came together and agreed to adopt and promote a particular system that is unique to them. You can practice whatever religion you like in China but don't go about castigating theirs.

When a people fail to promote their ancient core values, their identity begins to diminish. With time, they become assimilated by other races. Africans should therefore act accordingly. 

Published by Offor Princewill A.

Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

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