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Thursday 25 March 2021

Removal of History in School Curriculum Delayed Nigeria Breakup

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers 

March 25, 2021.

From time immemorial, history has been sidelined in Nigeria's education curriculum. Although valued all around the world, history has been swept under carpet in Nigeria. 

Why the Federal government removed such a subject that informs people about their background – a subject that enables people to have an understanding of the nature of people they encounter – Is yet to be ascertained.  History as a subject doesn't promote any social vices rather it teaches people about their root and values.

 Only a society like Nigeria with horrible dark sides in history can remove history in their education curriculum. Today in Nigeria, students finish school without having an understanding of life due to lack of history knowledge.

The Nigerian populace has been deceived into believing that there is unity in diversity. This lie wouldn't have lasted had history been taught in schools. A simple question of if any country had survived such diversity would have been asked by the younger generation. The younger generation would have made references to Yugoslavia, Soviet Union and the Partition of India of 1947. 

Had the young generation read about the concept of Interventionism in history, the activities of Britain in Nigeria would have been clearly understood before now. Britain being an interventionist country to Nigeria, will always ferment violence. 

The first war was caused by Britain who manipulated the North and the North Manipulated the Southwest. In the war no British person died, rather they benefited. An interventionist action always operates under the threat of violence. Other interventionist activities include blockades, economic boycotts, and assassinations of key officials. Britain has used the illiterate North to perpetrate these things. 

All these were going on until the coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who used his radio broadcast to awaken the conscience of the people. Being a historian, he found it necessary to help fill the vacuum by teaching Nigerians the history that there government denied them.

Today, with a stitch of history permeated by the Biafran leader, we now have folks like Simon Ekpa, Sunday Igboho and others who have risen up to say that enough is enough. 

The aftermath is the different calls for the breakup of Nigeria by the ethnic nationalities. Naira being the currency of Nigeria, is under serious attack as the Yoruba Nation launches theirs (Fads). More are still in the pipeline coming. 

Above all, it is an established fact that history precedes development in any country. When a people are denied history, patriotism disappears. When patriotism disappears, the country degenerates into chaos.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

Published by Offor Princewill A.

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