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Wednesday 13 January 2021

United We Stand

January 13th, 2021 

By Victoria. O. C. Agangan | Biafra Writers

When there is unity of purpose, focus and pursuit by like minds with similar cultural values and regional cohabitation, the uniqueness of the union is pronounced, positivity, development and general advancement testifying to it.

It is a well-known fact that Nigeria was cooked up by Britain in the colonial era, self-gain their sole target. Even when they were leaving, indigenous leadership was so structured to ensure their control.

Many have been misled by false tales passed down from generation to generation while others wallow in ignorance occasioned by lack of history studies in our schools.

The "Divide and Rule" formula is a potent weapon against unity and strength, and the British understanding this, did not only use it, they as well taught their Fulani surrogate its application. In their absence, the Fulani Oligarchy has been using it judiciously to separate kinsmen.

Today in Nigeria things have fallen apart and the center can no longer hold. Nigeria is sitting on the keg of gunpowder. In their desperation to have us subjugated, the Fulani Caliphate has unleashed on us different terrorist groups. Their savagery is manifest in all regions of Nigeria – from the indigenous people of the North, across the middle belt and down to south.

Biafrans, striving to keep their breath, are seeking an identity other than the Nigerian one that has spelt nothing but doom for all.  All component units of Biafra must therefore know their root to overcome the divide and rule mechanism of the Fulani oligarchy. United we will stand.

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