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Monday 25 January 2021

Revolution the only Key to Unlock the Cage of Bondage called Nigeria - Kanu

By Princewill Akubumma| Biafra Writers

Monday, January 25, 2021.

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, has reassert on last week Friday, the 22nd of January 2021 that Nigeria is a big scam and that Buhari has since died and buried. He maintained that the country is currently  being run by extremely bunch of dictators called the 'Presidency'.

According to the IPOB leader, who bemoaned the people of Nigeria to being privy of all the anomalies bedeviling the country yet, does absolutely nothing than going back to their homes with more hopelessness in their hearts. A trait Kanu referred to as a black man's syndrome.

In his words, Kanu said;

"The only enemy of a black man is the way he reasons. We are suffering and complaining everyday without the courage to do something about it, some of you tried to do something about it with the end SARS protest, but some of you quickly capitulated because of your tribal and religious affiliations"

Kanu also accused the men and women of the press for their complicit in helping to advance the Fulani agenda for very many years through their lopsided media reportage. He warned that except they change from their evil ways, that their lives will be more misery than that of Hausa people in Nigeria today. 

He continued to express disdain for the country (Nigeria) which have been unfavourable for everyone and suggested that the only antidote to all the problems is revolution.  

He pointed out how viable most of the European countries, America and others are today because they had a revolution that overthrew corrupt and inept regimes to give way to a progressive nation.

The country can never move forward with the way it is currently governed by gang of sycophants he said.

Having failed in their first attempt to address their woes, Kanu advised the Nigerian youths, to build mental toughness in order to jettison every tribal emotions that will be thrown at them when they return to the street to make their voices heard once again.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

Published By: Offor Princewill A.

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