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Friday 29 January 2021

Biafra: The Constant Military Brutality And Massacre Of It's Citizens, A Sign Of Unpatriotic Military Forces

By Onoja Christian Obinna | Biafra Writers

January 29, 2021

"My honour is my Faith

I vow my faith in Nigeria

The supremacy of the constitution.

Our heritage of liberty

To defend Nigeria everywhere

Our territory, wealth and people

The cradle of our freedom.

Whenever the clarion calls

whatever price or odds

My faith is one and ever

The Federal Republic of Nigeria"


The above is the creed of the Nigerian Military, having sworn to protect the people and the territory, one wonders why the above creed is not practiced by our military personnels in Nigeria.

The Nigerian boarders meant to be protected from external forces are now left porous to the detriment of innocent citizens of which the most vulnerable are the South Easterners hitherto, referred to as Biafrans. 

A recent military invasion of Okporo, Umutanze and Akatta in Orlu community  at the wee hours of Thursday 21st January 2021 is a very sad tale. How can a nation's Military personnels who are meant to protect her citizens, rolled-in about twenty-one [21] hilux vans into the peaceful land of Orlu in Imo State to unleash mayhem on the people and create panic in the land. The innocent citizens who had retired the previous day without any suspicion of an impending invasion, only woke up to find their villages under military siege.

The people were terrified, they couldn't move out for their normal daily businesses as they saw very heavily armed to the teeth Nigerian soldiers parading their houses, sporadic shooting left the air with pollution from several gunshots. Just as seen and observed by our journalist(s), unsuspecting members of the community were scampering for safety, several people who are members of the community fell by the gunshots, corpses littered around while survivors were seen fleeing from their homes, is there any difference between Hitler of Germany Nazi gestapo style of murdering the Jews and what took effect in Orlu?.

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This indiscriminate Military brutal attacks on civilians has become a norm mostly against the people of South Eastern and South South territory of Nigeria. Ironically, this is the most peaceful region in Nigeria. It is worthy of Note that, the Fulani Herders whom have been rated fourth [4th], most deadly terror group, are on rampage in the Southern part of Nigeria causing a lot of criminalities ranging from, destruction of farm lands, stealing, kidnapping, rape, killing, arson, land usurpation and every manner of atrocity a sane mind can think of, yet they are never prosecuted. The Nigeria military would rather give them protection and back up in their atrocious acts.

It is worthy to note that the people of Orlu are under state sponsored military siege by the firm grip of Supreme Court imposed governor of the state - Mr. Hope Uzodinma. We must condemn the killings, wanton destruction, arson carried out by the cowards in Nigeria Army uniform and alert the international community of an impending doom that this intimidation may lead to. It is keenly observed that the state governor is doing all within his caprices to please his Sokoto Fulani masters so as to be seen as being relevant within the corrupt infested Nigerian government political cycle.

The authorities concerned must call the terrorist organization codenamed Nigeria Military to order and redirect them to Sambisa forest where their equals - the Boko Haram sect has established a camp over the years challenging them for a fight. The brute Nigerian Military cannot stand out to fight terrorists causing all manner of havocs against the state but will always display her cowardice in the defunct Eastern Nigeria because to them and to the Nigeria government who always ordered them to kill us, the South East of Nigeria are a conquered people that must be led as animals to which we can't continue to allow them to kill us at will without reprisals this time. History starts a day.

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Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah

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