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Friday 30 October 2020

Nigerian Government Targets Churches for Fund

Jimson Ikenna | For Biafra Writers

October 31, 2020.

As part of scavenging for funds by the Fulani controlled Nigga-area (Nigerian) government to run its numerous terrorist organisations, the cabal now makes the church its newest target.  A recent bill packaged as Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) has been signed into law by the country’s impostor president.

The law, enacted and signed under the table without the knowledge or impute of the Christian community, grants government the right to unilaterally change the trustees of any church for whatever reason. Information available to the Christian community in Nigeria however has it that the cabal running Nigerian government has this strange and erroneous belief that the Christian body has a huge pool of money from where it draws to fund many projects. Consequentially, CAMA is brought on to.

The reason for this belief is not far-fetched for even the blind sees what some churches and church leaders are doing with money. Church leaders fly private jets, acquire buildings and lands in choicest areas, and so on. The Fulani government considers it a case of excess fund in the hand of the church

John Nnabuife, a Christian worker at Winners Chapel Otta, argues that the church got where it is today through sound management skills and dedication to duty … something that the cabals running the government do not have. “They don’t know,’ he said, ‘that it was not excessive pool of funds that made it possible for Winners Chapel to build two World Class Universities. They don’t know how they built World Class Medical Centres. They don’t know how Redeemed Church of God built University and highly furnished Medical Centres for the Public in many locations across the country.”

He continued “Those things were achieved due to the absence of corruption but the cabals holding the country hostage don’t know that.”

Coming to Mountain of Fire, he named their university. He pointed out the Deeper Life and Foursquare Gospel Church universities as well. According to him, it has continued to blow their minds how Foursquare Gospel Church, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Apostolic Faith, and many other churches, built world class educational institutions from the scratch. To crown it all, they could not comprehend it how their lecturers were not going on strike because they were well paid and taken good care of.

Investigations along his line of reasoning indeed proved that many Churches have built Medical Centers, constructed roads, built rehabilitation centres for drug addicts, and modern beautiful edifices as church buildings and offices. Many churches and denominations have provided centres for widows, orphans, and converted sex workers. It is on record that a church movement has built a professional football team from the scratch which is already making waves in the country and Africa. The cabal also saw that a church movement was able to manage a basket-ball team that went on to represent Nigeria in an international competition.

The Fulani cabal has heard and seen thousands of missionaries sent out from Nigeria to many countries of the world where Christianity has not taken root, even to such places as France, United Kingdom and Germany where many people have already slumped into apostasy. They must have imagined the trillions being expended for these endeavours and must have thought there would be so much to be stolen for the funding of their numerous terrorist outposts.

Should anybody blame them for thinking that way? Well, not really. After all, that was what they did with the country’s Pension Board in January last year. They peeped into the account of the Pension Board and saw that up to 10 trillion dollars was in its coffers. They rallied and devised a strategy to corner a sizeable amount of the fund. What they did was to print treasury bills, and then intimidated the officials to buy into it. As it stands today, 7. 1 trillion dollars of that money has been borrowed. There is belief in several quarters that the amount was as good as gone, because there is no way this government or any other Nigerian government will be able to pay it back.

This is exactly what the Fulani government of Nigga-area wants to do with church fund with its new law, CAMA. Because the law gives the government the right to appoint trustees of churches in the event that they are dissatisfied with the running of any church, it is believed to be an attempt at reaching the funds of the churches.

But they will be disappointed because there is no pool of money anywhere. The people are the church. The money in the pockets of the individuals is the money of the church, and if the people stop bringing out their money for the church nothing will be done.

So here there is bad news and there is good news. The bad news is that once the Fulani government reaches out its dirty hands to corrupt the leadership of the church, the people will stop releasing the money in their pocket for the church. But the good news is that the people will still find a way of funding the work of God in their hands without letting that money flow into the coffers of the evil government run by the Fulani.

In the end most Christians believe that by going after the church fund, the Fulani oligarchy is evoking full karma on itself.

The Biafra Times

Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

Publisher: Offor Princewill A.

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