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Tuesday 2 June 2020

The Travails of a Freedom Fighter, the Nnamdi Obi Story

JUNE 2, 2020 | The Biafra Times

By Victoria O.C. Agangan

The Travails of a Freedom Fighter, the Nnamdi Obi Story

An Interview with Biafra Times

Nnamdi Obi is a freedom fighter, a member of the self-determination seeking group, IPOB. Last year he was arrested and unlawfully detained by the Nigerian security operatives who, rather than safeguarding lives and property, have turned a terror to those they are supposed to protect. Biafra Times correspondent, Victoria O. C. Agangan, approached him for an interview. Note; BTC as used below denotes Biafra Times Correspondence. Excerpts:

BTC: Can we meet you?

Obi: My name is Nnamdi obi.

BTC: I take it you are a bona-fide Biafran. May I know which part of Biafra you come from?

Obi: I am from Lilu in omanbala which is popularly known as Anambra. Lilu is under Ihiala local government Area.

BTC: Waoh! That was where my dad served during the war. I was there as a child with my parents.

Obi: Wonderful.

BTC: Kindly tell me what made you join IPOB and why you decided to go into the Biafran struggle.

Obi: Joining IPOB was a dream-come-true because right from childhood I hate injustice. I don't stay where someone’s right is being infringed upon. Freedom fighting has been in my blood right from childhood. When I met this family called IPOB lead by MAZI Nnamdi kanu, I was grateful.

BTC: As a young man with family and great aspirations, were you not scared to undertake such a risky project?

Obi:  (Smiles). Did u say risky? Freedom fighting is in the blood. Once the blood is in you, you won't even be preached to fight for your right. Sometimes the things I do for Biafra to come people see them as a risk. But I don't see them as a risk, I see them as doing the necessary things, this is my right.

BTC: Was your family in support of the step you took and what challenges have you been faced with since the struggle? 

Obi: My family has never supported me at all. Even when I was in prison they never visited me except my blood brother that visited two times. My family at large doesn’t support what I am doing but that doesn't stop me from pushing on till Biafra comes.

BTC: Many people have called freedom fighters various names and even hate the very mention of IPOB, does this not worry you?

Obi: There is one quote I learnt from our leader MAZI Nnamdi kanu. He said “I like the doubt people are having for Biafra restoration. It will make them to respect us more when Biafra comes.” So their hatred and insults don't move me at all. It only keeps me stronger because at the end Biafra shall come.

BTC: Waooh! Your family never supported you? Tell me what has become your motivation for sticking to your decision? 

Obi: What has motivated me is IPOB. That slogan of onuru ube nwanne agbala oso really took place in prison. Some IPOB members made sure I never lacked while in prison.

BTC: Can you share with me why you were arrested and kept in prison since January? What was your offense?

Obi: Since December 2019 instead. I was arrested because Biafra flag was found in my car. For possessing the flag, I was labeled a terrorist and also a promoter of terrorism. So holding a Biafran flag was my offense.

BTC: Gosh! That is quite unfair. What was your reaction? Who were those that arrested you?

Obi: My reaction was laughter in my mind and I was willing to meet my ancestors if that is the price to pay. JTF arrested me. A Combined team of air force, navy, army and DSS.

BTC: You were ready to die? How noble of you. I wish some youths out there will understand and appreciate the prices people like you have paid and are willing to pay for Biafra.

Obi: Yes I was dearly willing to die because Nigeria herself is a death trap.

BTC: How come the joint military force came after you? Were they pre-informed?

Obi: I guess they were not pre- informed. They were doing stop and search at that very junction called MCC in Aba.

BTC: Okay. They all were assembled together for stop and search in a peaceful zone?

Obi: Yes.  They left Sambisa forest where there is security challenge and come down here to torment us.

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BTC: The world needs to know about this. South East is not a war zone and the military invasion of such a peaceful zone is very unwelcome. Tell me, you must have met other brethren in prison, how would you describe their plights? What is their state of mind?

Obi: My dear sister I met many men. I said men with rough and brutal faces that have spent years ... I mean years, in prison. They have spent 5 to 11 years.  Preaching to them was not easy because they are not smiling at all. When I was in prison I always think about their plight not even mine because I know that IPOB will surely get me out in no distant time.

BTC: Were they IPOB members or just innocent victims?

Obi: They were not IPOB members. Some were innocent victims.

BTC: So IPOB eventually got you out?

Obi: Members of IPOB diaspora got me out.

BTC: Members in Diaspora got you out? How come? Was no lawyer assigned to you here?

Obi: I still maintain it; it was IPOB in DIASPORA that brought me out. Even in the front of our leader I will say it.

BTC: How would you describe your stay in prison? Were you man handled?

Obi: When I entered newly I was manhandled. There are things I cannot say in public, and I can never lie to you because if I do the land of Biafra won't be happy with me.

BTC: Do you have any regrets belonging to IPOB or remaining in the freedom fight?

Obi: Re- what??? Never! I don't have any regrets at all. Instead I am stronger and even ready to die.

BTC: What lessons have you learned from your experiences so far as a freedom fighter? And what advice will you give to our brethren still contemplating to either join or continue.

Obi: Lesson I learnt is that every freedom fighter must know that he or she has one room apartment in the prison or in the grave.  Freedom fighting is not a bed of roses, so brethren that want to join or continue should have this in mind. If they do not have what I said above in mind they should go and sleep they are not ready for freedom.

BTC: You will not die but boldly step into Biafra with songs of joy.  May 30th is around the corner, how do you intend to spend it?

Obi: May 30th is a great day in the life of every formidable Biafran. We must remember our fallen heroes and heroines, those who died that we may live. Those that set the foundation that we are building upon. So the death of 3.5 million people must be remembered. it is done in every civilized world, so ours will not be different. We must remember them.

BTC: I believe you have rejoined the IPOB family since your release, how has it been? Is there anything you want to tell those out there sabotaging the efforts of others with lies and propaganda? 

Obi: Rejoined? As if I left them. Even while in prison my post in my zone was vacant till the day of release. Those sabotaging our efforts should continue; that's my advice to them because if there was no Judas, Christians wouldn't have gotten salvation. So all their sabotage, lies and propaganda always take IPOB higher in the struggle. they should note this.

BTC: I am grateful that you took time to share with me your story so far. I assure you that it will definitely be a meeting point for many as this will be published in black and white. God Bless You Comrade Nnamdi Obi. Your name is recorded among our heroes. Keep the flag flying.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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