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Friday 29 May 2020

Forever In Our Minds

By Johnkennedy Ikechukwu okafor |For Biafra Writers

May 29, 2020

Our Biafran story can never be complete without remembering those who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty that we may live. Everywhere in the world, people mark out a day or period to remember their heroes and heroines. Likewise, Biafran heroes and heroines are to be remembered and honoured yearly till the end of time. The sacrifices they made and the mark they set with their blood, stand as our undying faith in the restoration of Biafra, our motherland.

On the May 30 – the day set aside for their honour, we remember the unique decision made by our forefathers to defend our land at all cost against injustices and atrocities that are very evident in the Nigeria of today. Our ancestors stood strong and bold against bombardments in the battle field, against strong blockade policies and dehumanizing treatment of the highest order with the mantra "saving the future generation". They gave their life for us to live.

We remember with deep grief our mothers who were monstrously raped to death in our lands. History cannot easily forget over two million Biafran children starved to death in the heat of the Biafra/Nigeria war. Most writers conspiratorially refrain from using the word "genocide" to describe what happened to us in 1967-1970, yet fair and square, nothing can be more genocidal than a war that killed more women and children than soldiers.

We remember the prevailing circumstances that culminated to the Garkem shots of July 6, 1967. This overwhelming circumstance made ojukwu – a Unitarian protagonist of one Nigeria – to opt for his people's self-determination. We remember the pain they faced upholding and defending Biafra land against our enemies. This herculean task was constructively carried out for almost three years. Our gallant heroes demonstrated the ingenuity of a black African before the great forces of Britain and Russia who systematically aided the killings taking place in Biafra land. (Emphasis on Harold Wilson's led government in Britain)

At this period we deeply reflect on why a British Christan government chose to aid Fulani Muslims of Northern Nigerians in genocide against Biafra which is homogenously Christian. In this solemn day we remember the 2000 Biafran civilians that were shot dead in Calabar (this mayhem was reported even in New York Times, 18th January, 1968). In tears we recall the agony of the over 5000 Igbos that were killed by federal troops and mobs in Warri, Sapele and Agbor. (Reported in New York Times, 10th January, 1968).

With great grief we remember the eye witness report given by Mr. Eriff Spiff – 1966 Washington Post editorial, July 2, 1969. He asserted that Bestialities and indignities of all kinds were visited on Biafrans in 1966. In Ikeja Barracks (Western Nigeria) Biafrans were forcibly fed on a mixture of human urine and fasces. In Northern Nigeria, numerous Biafran housewives and nursing mothers were raped before their husbands and children. Young girls abducted from their homes, working places and schools and forced into sexual intercourse with sick, demented and leprous men.

We use this medium to remind the world about the resentment demonstrated by Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Commander Benjamin Adekunle. Awolowo inhumanly asserted that all is fair in war, and that starvation is one of the weapons of war. Commander Adekunle didn't mix words, he made it clear that he doesn’t want to see the Red Cross, Caritas, World Council of churches, the pope, missionary or UN delegation in Biafra. Adenkunle in his animalistic nature declared, “When our troop march into Biafra, we shoot at anything that moves; we even shoot at things that don’t move.” That’s the mindset of one-Nigeria protagonists. Very sad!

On May 30 we remind ourselves how the great powers stood by and watched one of the greatest genocides of all times orchestrated against Biafra. Even as we speak, countless crimes are committed against Biafrans … in a country they call home. The gallant men that were shot dead by the Nigerian military that invaded Mazi Nnamdi’s house, we must remember.

Finally, May 30 reminds us of the sacred duty handed over to IPOB members all over the world, the singular mandate of restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. We must, as a matter of life and death, see to it.

Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
PUBLISHER: Offor Princewill A.

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