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Tuesday 17 March 2020

Nigeria, the Giant that Kills Dreams

March 17, 2020

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie | Biafra Writers

Awed by the level of sacrifices Biafrans make in their quest for freedom, a One-Nigerianist confessed that thousands of IPOB members have been killed by the Nigerian state and many more incarcerated, yet the demand for freedom has by no means been extinguished, adding that the agitation seems to be gathering more momentum instead. Done with his confession, the middle-aged one-Nigeria apologist turned toward me and asked, “Why are you folks so stubborn? What’s the driving force?”

I lowered my glass of beer on the table and beaming a smile at him, said, “Our struggle is aimed at giving the religious man freedom of worship; the politician the chance to aspire and reach any height he might wish; the scientist an enabling ground to explore and innovate; the farmer a secured farmland devoid of Fulani invasion; the judiciary an independent legal system free from executive interference; the academician a conducive environment to brainstorm, infer and educate; the business man a viable market devoid of persecuting policies and grabbing of cargoes by Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani envious and greedy criminal custom officers; the press the right to investigate and express without fear of molestation or persecution; the transporter a good road network devoid of Hausa/Fulani extortion units nicknamed checkpoints; the female the chance to get pass Angel Merkel and Theresa May; the young a hope; and the unborn a future.”

I lifted my glass again and widened my smile. “Nigeria doesn’t offer you any of these, does it? Nigeria is opposite of them all, you know. As a matter of fact, Nigeria kills dreams.”

The Nigerian system persecutes Christians, allowing Islamic Jihadists to behead you for holding a religious view different from what they judge best. Think of all the Islamic killings in the country. Think of the Redeemed Christian Church woman that was beheaded on the street of Abuja. Even the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo, who is a pastor at Redeemed Christian Church and a lawyer by profession, couldn’t do a thing about it. He couldn’t bring the killers to justice. He couldn’t even utter a word. The killers went scot free. Reason? The country belongs to them. Nigeria is an Islamic state … duly registered with Organization of Islamic Countries, OIC.

One can also reference Lee Sharibu. Taken hostage along with other school children in Dapuchi in the APC-Boko Haram make-belief abduction. After pulling the media stunt as planned, the cabals running Nigeria ensured the release of all the victims who are Muslims, leaving behind Lee Sharibu, the only Christian among them. Lee is still being held captive till this day but Nigerian leaders look the other way. Even the media seem to have forgotten her. She is a Christian while the country is an Islamic state.

Currently, Nigerian Universities are on strike due to non-payment of academic staff salaries. Meanwhile, the Nigerian state is allocating hundred Billion naira to Miyetti Allah – parent body of murderous Fulani Herdsmen – a terrorist outfit rated fourth most deadly in the world. Even, funds are mapped out for importation of grass from Brazil to feed the cattle, meanwhile Nigerian universities lack the basic study facilities. The laboratories are poorly equipped, to the effect that sometimes you’ll find up to thirty students clustering around a single microscope which may not even be functioning well. The hostels are eyesore, and the classrooms a reminder of Idris Abubakar’s 2004 hit track “Nigeria Jaga-jaga.” That tells volumes of how Nigeria values education. The Nigerian state actually rates cattle rearing far above education. Academic pursuit in Nigeria is thus dying a natural death.

All around the country, Biafran business men suffer extortion from Nigerian customs that seize cargos and goods for no just cause, turning around to auction the goods and go home with the money. When they are not seizing the goods, they are making the cost of clearing from the Wharf hit the ceiling. On the roads, the police extort passengers, seizing goods from retailers and even consumers. That you have receipts and other legal documents intact means nothing to them.

In our villages, our farmlands are destroyed by cattle and our farmers raped and killed. Money and energy invested in crop productions are lost and lives are no longer guaranteed. Not all who set out for farming in the morning hours return alive. Those who are lucky to, either returned raped or severely injured. All thanks to Fulani Herdsmen and a government that look the other way.

The pressmen are dictated to, and those who dare to keep to the ethics of their profession are hounded and persecuted. Journalism thus becomes a shadow of itself, ass-licking the government and dishing out lies to the suffering public.

Nigerian leaders believe that their women belong to the kitchen and the bedroom as infamously and shamefully declared by Nigerian number one man, President Muhammadu Buhari, in Germany. By that, they are merely seen and treated as chefs and sex objects. In the contrary however, Biafrans see their women as great achievers, with the capacity to hit the sky. That being the case, Biafra offers her women the chance to aspire and achieve.

Our roads are deathtrap. Travelers in the Eastern part of Nigeria have a higher propensity to auto crash than a safe journey. Accessing the roads, one understands why folks often go on fasting and prayers when embarking on even a kilometer journey. It’s easier to die than to return alive. Meanwhile Nigeria is an oil producing country where bitumen (major material in road construction) is a by-product. On top of that, Police, and even army officers of Hausa/Fulani extraction majorly, are strategically poisoned in every two hundred meters to extort money from commuters. Those who fail to comply are shutdown instantly.

That’s some of the mess Biafrans are into in the failed British experiment called Nigeria. We are already damaged by it, but to save the future generation from the mess which grows even worse daily, we have undertaken to free Biafra from the grasp of Nigeria, offering to die in the process if need be.  Nigeria is a giant dream killer. Those holding on to it really do not know the damage they are doing the unborn.

Edited by: Nelson Oforka Yagazie 
Published by: Akubumma Princewill

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