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Sunday 23 February 2020

The Hero of Our Time

February 24, 2020 | Biafra Writers

By Christopher O Evans

My heroes are those who dare speak out, who dare stand up to tyranny. The IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, is my ideal hero. He was within seconds of paying the supreme price and then lost both parents who have both been buried. His parents stood by him in the struggle and testified of him that he could never be swayed once he is convinced of a course.

Parents’ testimony of their own son can hardly be disputed. For that I'm convinced he cannot be a conman. For a freedom fighter to come out of Nigeria detention camp and still maintain his struggle is awesome. He must be real. We all know huge money offer must have been dangled at him. He rejected it. His father once testified of him that you can't buy him over. His consistency is admirable.

He hasn't changed one word of his message since he emerged on the scene. Whatever he has said of Nigeria has all come to pass in our very eyes. Gloria Copeland wrote in "God’s Will Is Prosperity" that "In consistency Lies The Power". If a man is consistent with his message, he wins in the end. This man, Kanu, has passed the consistency test. He has passed the endurance test. He has passed the integrity test. He has paid the supreme sacrifice of burying father and mother same day.

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When you check his background, he wasn't a pauper. Everyone knows if you are from a royal family in Biafra land it means you are never from pauperized home. He can't possibly be in the struggle for a filthy lucre. If that were the case he would have accepted the FG largesse and abandoned the struggle. The powers holding this country hostage are willing to pay big to maintain their hold.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu snubbed it. I have to say he is real. I can afford to trust him. And since I know the power of consistence to deliver, I dare say he will deliver. Can you find anyone in modern Nigeria history to match him in vision and wisdom? This is my personal view.

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