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Tuesday 25 February 2020

Freeing Captured Terrorists, Buhari Directly Responsible for Breakdown of Law and Order

February 25, 2020

By Christopher O Evans | Biafra Writers

Buhari blames victims of terror attacks but never once blamed Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen for their heinous crimes. In Maiduguri, he blamed the victims who are mourning the massacre of 30 and razing of properties by Boko Haram. On his way out the people booed him deservedly. Whenever Boko Haram or their sister terror group, Fulani herdsmen, strikes, the president is more interested in preventing reprisals than preventing next attack. The question of arresting the terrorists is entirely out of the equation.

Herdsmen, known as Fulani herdsmen in the south and rechristened 'bandits' by Buhari himself in the north, have military escorts assigned to them by the president. The escorts are involved in two major assignments: (1) to guard the cattle when the owners go on a killing spree. (2) To prevent reprisals after they've had their fill of blood.

Now there's a new dimension: Governor Okowa of Delta State has alleged that the recent herdsmen killings in Delta state were accompanied by military men who themselves joined in the killing orgy. The presidency has yet to respond. When they do respond we know it will be written off as mere dangerous speculation. There will be no investigation.

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About the one in Katsina where 30 were massacred aside, the president responded by blaming the victims for revenge attacks, saying the killings would have been avoided had the people abided by the law. He advised that whenever locals catch a bandit the terrorist should be handed over to law enforcement agencies. Natives should avoid taking laws into their hands.

I'm sure the locals will be asking Buhari to account for what he did with those already handed over. Did he not free them back into the wild? By freeing captured terrorists while their victims cry in vain for justice, Buhari is directly responsible for breakdown of law and order. He is directly responsible for the current rave of regional security outfits. Not only that he is unable to secure lives and properties, he rather makes case for the terrorists while condemning the victims.

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Last year he paid terror groups huge. He allocated $11bn for RUGA and entered into alliance with Fulani terrorists to pay them N160bn to partner with security agencies to end crime. That partnership is yielding fruits as evidenced in Delta state where the military in conjunction with Fulani herdsmen attacked and massacred citizens. We can no longer pretend to be safe. We have a terrorist government and as TY Danjuma said, it's either we defend ourselves or we all die.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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