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Thursday 9 January 2020



God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, spiritual and physical, is certainly just and impartial and so definitely has no blame whatsoever in the plight of humanity. In His supreme wisdom, He created some human species to be blacks and whites amongst other colors. There also exists other creatures that are proudly accorded their respect. Why then are issues involving Biafrans different from others?

Biafrans undoubtedly, are a very unique specie of humans located in West Africa. They love both God Almighty and their fellow human beings with reckless abandon. They are exceptionally innovative, value life, truth, equity, justice, peace and freedom. All these are naturally imbued in them which they manifest as cultures. However, these outstanding godly qualities are denied them because of their entrapment in an unholy and unworkable union in an entity named Nigeria. Biafrans have consistently but peacefully expressed their pains and passions to the entire global community of which any claim to the contrary can be outrightly disputed. The world kept looking the other way even as the cries of misery, servitude, oppression and death reverberate. Can it really be rightly concluded that the people are being denied attention as a result of their identity? Why is their case being handled with levity?

From detailed analysis, everything that is Biafra-linked, assumes insignificant attention. There has been myriads of persecutions spiraling over years with the world paying deaf ears. It is the Biafran that is innocently and subjectively dragged to the law court at will and given sham trials without global opposition. It is only the Biafran children, women, men and the elderly that are relentlessly and gruesomely killed in their numbers and the civilised global community maintains sealed lips, requiring misplaced and totally baseless protocols before actions if at all, are initiated. Why really are Biafran concerns different?

The United States of America amongst other notable world powers, has the capacity and capability to lay hold on any intelligence required to expedite necessary action needed to rescue ill-treated group of people located anywhere in the world as a matter of responsibility. This is being done to the people of other races elsewhere but for Biafrans who are forcefully caged in Nigeria, despite their inalienable rights, are being blatantly marginalized, oppressed, victimized, enslaved, maimed and killed without recourse. The United States up till now, never deemed it necessary to strongly render redemptive assistance even with irrefutable evidences diversely presented by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the grossly victimized and enslaved Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The government of the United States of America cannot in anyway, deny knowledge of these claims. Why are Biafrans' concerns really handled differently?

Recently, an Iranian frontline terrorist army chief, Qassem Soleimani, was killed by the United States on the directive of President Donald John Trump. Reason being that the victim through classified intelligence information, has pitched himself as a potential enemy and mastermind of killings of American citizens. Soleimani, prior to his summary elimination, had proven plans with the Iranian government to orchestrate further killings. These led to the prompt and targeted US military action without permission from other world powers, to picked on him. This Iranian terrorist army commander was not taken to court neither did the oppressed Iranian citizens allowed to come up with complaints? None of such options was followed. The needful was embarked on and judiciously executed to save the lives of many seemed useful to the world than the terrorist enemy himself.

Sadly, in Nigeria where Biafrans have been unlawfully caged for decades of years under the guise of unity, millions of innocent lives have been wasted and are yet been wasted without the world calling a hoot. The United States of America which is the global watchdog, conscience of democracy, truth, justice, equity and freedom, has disappointedly maintained a posture of indifference to the plights of Biafrans. She knows everything about Nigeria, including the wave of Islamic religious fundamentalism non-muslims are being forced to embrace and daily killed for. Biafrans are Judeo-Christians and today being increasingly persecuted and dispossessed of their God-given heritage by the terrorists and their brethren in government. US government knows fully well that with the Fulani oligarchy, in connivance with their British overlords, Biafrans will continue to reel in slavery. The people have been forced to cohabit against their will, with different ethnic nationalities whose value systems are incompatible. The British government, using their Fulani Islamic stooges, are intently bent on ripping Biafrans off their natural identity and glory. Atrocities are being committed against the indigenous people.

If really the global community has all these years, been deceived like in the case of Afghanistan, they still remain culpable to the pains and sufferings being meted on the innocent citizens. But unlike the nation of Afghanistan which lacks voices of dissent speaking for the people, the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), have tenaciously put up lots of irrefutable evidences and efforts in their cases against the Nigerian government. They have maintained consistency and well exceeded the legal requirements for peaceful freedom agitations attained by any group ever known in the fight for self-determination in human history. Despite Nigerian government's sponsored persecutions and killings, IPOB has peaceably kept her nerves and the world should dutifully understand that. The land of Biafra has been drenched in the blood of her citizens for years and the global community cannot be in pretense about this. Biafrans should cease to be treated so indifferently if this planet earth should be peacefully inhabited.

For the United States of America and Afghanistan, President Donald Trump and the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, a lot is fastly being done to bring the needless war which has led to the death of so many civilians and military personnel, due to elitist selfish interests. But for the Nigerian enclave, Biafrans and all other ethnic nationalities that are today being forced to harmfully continue to cohabit, the permission being sought perhaps from the evil British government is entirely out of place and condemnable.

Nigeria was founded on falsehood and has over the years, been damaged beyond repair. Life therein is increasingly becoming unbearable. Biafrans cannot continue to bear the brunt of this misplaced priority. She must be free for the sake of the African continent and humanity. The United States of America cannot be busy contending for peace and justice elsewhere in the world at the exclusion of Biafrans. It is total and complete freedom that is needed and nothing can assuage for this. Freedom for Biafrans will definitely bring all the needed peace and progress the continent of Africa has so craved for.


Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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