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Monday 13 January 2020

BIAFRA: CNN Should Tell The World About Biafrans' Support To President Donald Trump

BIAFRA:  CNN Should Tell The World About Biafrans' Support To President Donald Trump

It is really unfortunate that up till date, a well renowned media organization in the capacity of Cable News Network (CNN), yet exhibits mischievousness in it's reportage and dissemination of information. This height of unethical practice was displayed internationally when this media giant reported the love and the unflinching support Biafrans globally, give to President Donald Trump of the United States of America. It was recently and biasedly reported that such unprecedented support was given by Nigerians. If the so-called Pew Research Center (CNN), could feign ignorance of the true identity of the people that have consistently staked their lives for the USA President since 2016 during and after the presidential election that fetched him victory, to January 2017, then this media organization is really not worth it's onions. The Nigerian Islamic government through it's jihadist police force, army and other sister security agencies killed, maimed and detained hundreds of family members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in Port Harcourt City, Biafraland, for peacefully and justifiably rallying in solidarity with President Donald Trump.

Biafrans have continued to give him support till date for his courageous stance on equity and justice in the world. CNN as a global media organization, cannot in anyway, claim ignorance of the real identity of the people. Unfortunately, it has mischievously, in it's biasness and falsehood, recently referred to these Biafrans as Nigerians, perhaps to justify the huge financial settlements it has so far gained from the corrupt Nigerian Islamic government. Professionally, could the CNN News Editor boldly say that he/she does not know or have the facts that the Nigerian Islamic government detests President Donald Trump because of his insistence that radical Islam and terrorism must be curtailed if not totally crushed in our world?

It is well known globally, that in any slightest upheaval, Nigerians always set American flags and other national symbols, ablaze, to register their hate against whatever the United States of America represents. During the Biafrans' Solidarity Rally for Trump in the month of January 2017, at Port Harcourt, it is still on record that the combined team of well armed Nigerian Army, Police and officials of the Department of Security Services (DSS), confiscated all the US flags at the possession of the rallying Biafrans and brazenly burnt them in broad daylight. This further demonstrated the hatred of Nigerians even in uniform, against President Donald Trump. So Nigerians are given to burning the American flags on several occasions against the interest and values of the American people. The most recent of such dastardly act was when members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria ,burnt American flags in a broad daylight in Abuja, Nigeria, to protest the killing of the Iranian terrorist Army General, Qassem Soleimani by US airstrikes.

If therefore there is any organization that deserves to be corrected for making the ancient people of Biafra as "Nigerians" in their news research delivery and presentation, it should be the obscure PEW RESEARCH CENTER which floated the research work by saying that "Kenyans" and "Nigerians" have more confidence in President Donald Trump. This is because most of these organizations are grossly being misled by Western World Mainstream Media Outlets like CNN, being referred herein for calling the people of Biafra, "Nigerians". It is quite obvious that the Nigerian government is hugely spending on CNN to ensure that news presentations are craftily being made to cover the true identity of Biafrans and as well, to do everything possible to thwart the Biafra restoration struggle through misleading news reportage.

However, it is important to put the record straight here. It is the Biafran people that are forcefully being encaged in the Nigerian contraption, which is under the firm control of Fulani cabals, that support President Donald Trump and that they will continually do until he reciprocates by out rightly telling the Nigerian Islamic government to take off it's hands from the concerns of the people through political independence. It is never Nigerians as it was deceitfully presented through the Pew Research Center and reported in the news bulletin of CNN, that gave and yet giving the US President, his required support. Nigerians, as a matter of fact, do not hide their hatred for President Trump and the American government based on his opposition against Islamic radicalism. CNN should correct that misleading narrative as carried in it's news presentation. It is Biafrans that support President Donald Trump and not Nigerians. It is completely mischievous and against journalistic ethics to float such falsehood.

For more information go to Google search type "Biafrans for Trump" and run your own research.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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  1. that's not true I mean nigerians never supported Trump,the videos are there for everyone to see.


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