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Saturday 16 November 2019

Hate Speech Bill Designed to Take Away Your Freedom of Speech

November 16, 2019

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie | Biafra Writers

Nowhere in the world has it happened before. It is unheard of; Nigeria is setting the pace in this case. Of course, an enclave of beasts and dozing morons, it often sets the pace in negativities and retrogression.

Freedom of speech is fundamental to humans, only a beast seeks to take it away. And only a dozing moron keeps his cool in the face of such attempt. Had Nigerians been proactive, I mean had they not been a dozing lot, a collection of inert, cognitive denied subservient mammals, concerned only of their immediate need, they would have been on every major street in the country protesting this absurd bill. There would have been unprecedented pressure in every federal constituency demanding the senator representing them be recalled for allowing such anti-human fundamental right bill to scale through the first reading.

In a civilized world, that would have been the case. Every corner would have been boiling, and every constituency office shaking. But what do we have in Nigeria? Idle talks and a few social media chattering. That's all. No action. Political docility and social passiveness. What a woe!

What even defines a hate speech? Rephrasing, what passes for a hate speech? I mean, how do you even define a hate speech? You make a statement, and because it is revealing in nature or because it exposes a potential danger cooking up or directs attention towards Islamization and Fulanization, DSS, police or SARS will pick you up. You are taken to court (if they care), a prosecutor will interpret your statement as a hate speech and because the sitting judge is part of the mess, he will dismiss all appeals, pronounce you guilty and bro, you are in for good. Death by hanging, or if you are any lucky (depending on how much a threat to the caliphate they judge you), you will bang 10 years in prison.

Call Fulani herdsmen terrorists or even talk about their killing spree, raping galore and new-found abducting business and you will be charged for hate speech and consequently executed by hanging. Mention that Buhari/Jubril has no certificate and you will be heading for the gallows. Kick against RUGA and you are executed by hanging. Talk about Buhari's /Jubril's lopsided appointments and Fulanized government, a judge will tell you that it is capable of stirring ethnic dissension and bro, you are up in the air, dangling lifelessly from a rope.

And in case it has not dawned on you Christians yet, preaching in the manner you have been doing, will also attract you death by hanging. You don't get it still? OK. You teach that Christianity is the only true religion and that unless one becomes born-again, hellfire awaits one at death. That is hate speech against the religion of Islam and its adherers. Dear, see you see hanging. Tell your congregation again that only Jesus can save, that Mohammed has no power. A prosecutor will tell you how it incites one faith against the other. The sitting judge will pronounce you guilty of hate speech and up the gallows you go. Tell your neighbor again that Islam is a false religion and the next moment friends will be typing “R.I.P” for you. How did it happen? You died by hanging.

Mention again that northerners are ill-educated. A judge will tell you that it incites ethnic dissension, pronounce you guilty of hate speech and that marks your end.

Is it clearer to you now? That absurdity called Hate Speech Bill is designed to take away freedom of speech from you; sadly, your senators are doing nothing about it. You either rise en-mass against it now that you still have the time, or watch it pass the third reading and get dumbed forever. The choice is yours.

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