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Thursday 31 October 2019

Game Over for Atikulators; a Journey Down the Memory Lane

By Charles Opanwa | Biafra Writers
October 31, 2019

Before it all began, the Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, sounded the whistle of caution. They warned that in black Africa it is futile attempting to remove a despot from office through an election. Yes, they sounded it clear, offering the sure option of election boycott. Sentiment however, interlacing self with hatred, kept the people from reason. Those who thought Atiku Abubakar a Messiah, took to social media shouting "Atikulated! Atikulated!" Like a swarm of bees, they polluted the cyberspace with "Get Nigeria Working Again" as if Nigeria has ever worked. The mantra itself was stolen from Donald Trump's campaign team. Of course in Nigeria nothing ever is original; everything is copied.

Even before the INEC umpire could say "on your mark," Atikulators have started to blame IPOB, alleging that the freedom-seeking group is the only obstacle on their way to Aso rock (Nigeria's seat of power). The fact that IPOB has remained unpolitical, holding on only to its quest for freedom from the British mammy market called Nigeria, didn't mean much to them.

They accused IPOB of working for the ruling party,  with the bias and anaemic argument that the reason the group called for election boycott is to slice the votes from Biafraland, thereby giving the ruling party an advantage over them in Arewa north. They sent emissaries to IPOB, pressuring the group to call off the election boycott.

Applying wisdom, the leadership of IPOB granted their request, warning them however that their PVC won't save them. Like a hunter's dog destined for destruction, they ignored the voice of reason and went on with the polls. The outcome of the exercise vindicated IPOB squarely. PVC, everyone came to see, is no more useful than toilet tissue.

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                   Police opened fire on IPOB in Ebonyi State leaves 17 with severe gunshot wounds

Their slang changed from "Atikulated" to "Atiku is coming," as they went to court. As expected, the sharia groomed chief justice of the federation, Muhammad Tanko, subverted justice, tilting it to favour the ruling party. A puppet, Tanko's travesty of justice didn't come as a surprise, the APC government having broken all legal norms in his installation - an overhead preparation for what was to come.

Now the card game is over and the Atikulators, roundly defeated, are nursing their sore wound. Not even the supreme court was able to restore the said stolen mandate. The appeal has been struck out and the curtain drawn.

When shall we learn from history? "Atiku is coming" has hit the red light. Atiku is no more coming. It's game over.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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