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Monday 14 October 2019

Biafra: Igbo Presidency, a Misplaced Priority

October 14, 2019

By Princewill Akubumma | For Biafra Writers

The priority of Ndigbo now is Biafra and not Igbo presidency. Igbo presidency is a scam just like the so-called Second Niger Bridge, Ogoni Clean-up and Restructuring.

The Fulani Oligarchy, functioning in their capacity as care-takers of the British company called Nigeria, have always employed the instrument of distraction to keep the mind of Nigerian youths away from the Islamization agenda being advanced. These nomads from Fouta Djallon have been tutored for centuries by the British on mind games and they have used it effectively to keep the far more educated South under control.

Igbo Presidency is just another ploy calculated to draw minds away from the Biafra quest. Unfortunately, many are blind to that and so have run with it. Schematically injected into the polity at a time the struggle is gathering more international recognition, what the detractors aim to achieve with the Igbo Presidency decoy cannot be missed.

What even makes anybody think that even if an Igbo man is by some sort of miracle allowed into Aso Rock that he would be allowed a free hand to turn things around? Take the governors, senators, and House of Rep members as a case study. Do they act on their own accord? No. They are all Fulani stooges, doing the biddings of the caliphate just to be allowed to stay in power. Take the governor of Anambara state, Willie Obiano, for instance. He recently announced the incorporation of Miyetti Allah into Anambara state government and instituted the Kill-and-Pay policy – a morbid pact that permits Fulani herdsmen to kill their host communities as much as they might desire, provided they pay the state government the sum of ₦500,000 for each person killed. Obiano, of course, is acting out the script handed him by the caliphate who installed him.

Well, the desire of Biafrans – both Igbo speaking and non-Igbo speaking parts – is self-determination and not presidency. Of course, there may be an insignificant number (like the corrupt politicians and those who feed from their table), who might talk about Igbo presidency even though they know it’s unrealistic; the wishes of a few, however, cannot override the yearnings of the overwhelming majority. A referendum is therefore apt.

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