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Monday 7 October 2019

Biafra: Fulani dominated Nigeria security apparatus in Biafra land, a tool of intimidation in furtherance of their jihadi agenda

Nigerian Army on patrol - Getty images

October 7, 2019 | The Biafra Times


The unprovoked and totally unnecessary attacks, killings and burning of houses in Aba by Fulani dominated Nigerian Army and Police has taken another gruesome dimension since the emphatic rejection of Fulani Ruga settlements, National Life Stock Programs (NLSP) and Waterways Bill in National Assembly by Biafrans. Fulani terrorists in the Nigerian Army and Police uniforms deployed across Biafraland have once again unleashed their anger and frustrations on Biafrans in Aba, Abia State by arresting innocent citizens. This they disguised and sold to the gullible public as clampdown on kidnappers and armed robbers in the state.

While we maintain that those unfortunate victims seen on video being molested by Nigerian soldiers are not IPOB family members, we nonetheless demand for their unconditional release. If the reason for this blatantly stage-managed arrest and accompanying evocative and misleading press statement by the Fulani controlled Nigerian army is to dent the global image of IPOB then they have failed spectacularly.

We are on record as having said repeatedly that no amount of state-sponsored terrorist act against IPOB will make us contemplate being part of a decaying and purposeless one Nigeria. It doesn't matter what Fulani caliphate does, IPOB will never allow RUGA or any other Fulani land grabbing scheme to take hold in our land. No amount of collaboration between discredited politicians and their Fulani handlers will lead to the surrender of any inch of Biafraland to Miyetti Allah and their murderous gangs as Dave Umahi so wish. Those that Nigerian Army claim they arrested are not IPOB family members. The only people moving around in Biafraland with illegal weapons such as the AK47 Buratai's henchmen alluded to in their laughable press release are their fellow Fulani herdsmen.

Fulani terror cells in Nigerian Police and Army formations we are convinced will continue to brutally murder and arrest innocent Biafrans but their time will soon run out because the world is watching with very keen interest. We also wish to emphasise that these unnecessary arrests, torture, and killings of Biafrans will be reciprocated at the appropriate time.

It is very pathetic that the Nigerian Army would abandon their constitutional role of defending the borders and protecting life and properties of innocent citizens in Nigeria to descend into criminality in Biafraland because we have decided to seek our legitimate right to self-determination. There are confirmed reports that these cowards in uniform are busy running from Boko Haram in Borno State only to turn their riffles, machine guns and murderous intentions on innocent Biafrans.

On a daily basis, hungry-looking fully armed Nigeria soldiers and Police can be seen chasing and tormenting innocent civilians in every part of Biafraland. The saddest part is that these illegal arrests and killings in the land are non-existent in the north where Boko Haram and other Fulani bandits are busy kidnapping, abducting, raping and sacking villages at will. Fulani lawlessness continues to grow on a daily basis in Nigeria but their confused army is busy occupying peaceful Biafraland.

Over the years Fulani operatives in Nigeria security apparatus have perfected their tool of intimidation in furtherance of their Jihadi agenda in  Biafraland, all over the South and Middle Belt.

We continue to remind the American Ambassador to Nigeria, the British High Commissioner and other nations with diplomatic presence in Abuja and Lagos to convey these atrocities by Nigerian Army to their home countries because a day shall come when the people of Biafra shall rise up to resist this Fulani army of occupation. And when that time comes, let no one pretend they never knew or that they were not informed.


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Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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