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Monday 1 July 2019

The Uthman's Footprint

July 1, 2019

By Victoria. O. C. Agangan | Biafra Writers

Uthman Dan Fodio tricked the core northerners into assisting him to topple their ruler and thereafter, subdued the people, taking over their land and establishing self as their master. His descendants have maintained that status till date.

The success in northern Nigeria persuades the Fulani to think that he can subjugate the rest of the tribes in the geographical expression referred to as Nigeria.

As proposed by the late premier of Northern Region just days after Independence, the people of Middle Belt were used as willing tools in the genocidal war against Biafra in 1967-70. Ever since then, they have subjugated us in our land while making away with our wealth.

To keep us under check, the game of divide and rule was employed. Brothers turned enemies with many denying their ancestry and adopting meaningless names like Niger Delta, South-South, etc.

The gold-digging eastern governors and political leaders are so consumed by greed they have turned selves zombies, incapable of questioning the subjugating policies of the federal government.  Of course, they observe the ills being meted against Biafrans and might even fume against it in the secret, but guided by their sense of self, have refrained from confronting the federal government.

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 The governor of Rivers State is currently under attack from the caliphate for mentioning that Rivers is a Christian state. The Sultan of Sokoto in an outburst contested seriously against Wike's declaration of Rivers as a Christian state. Yet, northern states are declared Islamic states with Sharia law in full practice. If the caliphate aren't seeing our enclave as a conquered territory already, what would have given the sultan the gut to contest Rivers state being a Christian state?

The dissonant air is heavy with doom.
It is imperative therefore to stand up and defend our land, and this we must do in any way possible.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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