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Saturday 22 June 2019

Biafra: General Town Hall Meeting of IPOB Cross River State

June 22, 2019

By Onoja Christian Obinna, Nelson Bond Reporting for IPOB-CRS Calabar Media

Calabar - The just-concluded Cross River State town hall meeting held on 16th June 2019 in the ancient city of Calabar in Biafra-land recorded a huge success with the tremendous turnout from all senatorial zones of the state. The town hall meeting was graced by the national coordinator, the state coordinator, state principal officers, and zonal and unit coordinators.

The town hall meeting was organized with a view to getting clarification on the state’s status as regards IPOB activities. It was also used to lay proper structures of IPOB in the state for the restoration of Biafra.

The National Coordinator charged the house to be in peace and remain focused in the Biafra struggle. He informed the house that Biafra restoration is at hand. He also encouraged the Cross River family to remain resolute, adding that Cross River remains an essential part of Biafra land.

He recalled that the now Presbyterian Church of Nigeria in Calabar had its original name as Presbytery of Biafra when it first arrived at the shores of the old eastern region in 1846. The Presbyterian Church of Biafra became the Presbyterian Church in East Nigeria in 1952. On 16 June 1960, it became the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria. He narrated the above to clear the doubt of many who claim that Calabar has never been part of Biafra.

Furthermore, the National Coordinator referenced Margaret Ekpo who although was of Igbo ethnicity, was born and raised in the creek town of Calabar, having an Efik heritage and later married an Ibibio man. Margaret, the National Coordinator detailed, played a vital role in assuring that women become integral part of politics in the first republic. He outlined the culture and traditions the Igbo speaking part of Biafra share with the Cross Riverians, ranging from the foods we eat to the famous Ekpo masquerade.

The Supreme Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, addressed the family through a Whatsapp call. In his speech, Kanu highlighted why Cross River is an integral part of Biafra-land, stressing that he wants indigenes of the state to be at the helm of affairs of IPOB in the state while our brothers and sisters from other parts of Biafra-land would give them support.

He also emphasized that the people of Cross River state should debunk the propaganda of the Igbo being in total control of the leadership of Biafra when it is restored. He gave vivid analysis of the type of government that Biafra nation would run to maintain equity, justice and freedom to the entire citizens of Biafra-land, stressing that Biafra-land would operate a confederation system of government where resources would be controlled by the indigenous people. He urged the people of Cross River to remain fearless, resolute and formidable, announcing to the house that arrangements have been made to install Radio Biafra transmitter before the end of July, 2019.

The Supreme Leader of Biafra noted that it would be a great joy to see Cross River as formidable as Akwa Ibom, urging the people to organize a full rally in the ancient city of Calabar with the indigenous people of Cross River state taking the greater participation in the rally. He as well urged the people of Cross River state to shun every atom of fear in standing up to reclaim what belongs to them which the enemy has stolen and are now using same to subjugate them. Kanu went on to assure the people that no atom of arrest and detention will deter us from restoring Biafra as anyone arrested for the sake of Biafra must surely come out unharmed.

In his closing remark, the Supreme Leader of Biafra charged the family to remain steadfast, adding that the restoration of Biafra is at hand. He also prayed that Chukwu Okike Abiama continue to guide, bless and protect us all from the hands of our enemies until Biafra is fully restored.

The meeting came to a close after the National Coordinator made some appointments of new principal officers to aid in piloting the affairs of IPOB family in the State.

Long live IPOB Family Cross River State!
Long live IPOB Family World Wide!
Long live our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!

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Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Edited By Onoja Christain Obinna
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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