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Friday 3 May 2019

The Many Sins of Nnamdi Kanu

May 3, 2019

By Johson Nnabuife | For Biafra Writers

To the malicious fake elements pretending to be Biafran activists or freedom fighters, the problem with the Biafran struggle today is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Supreme Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

To some of them, Kanu has become the problem because he has missed the road; to another, he started it the wrong way by making Alphonsus Uche Mefor his deputy; yet to another he has embezzled their funds and ran abroad to live in opulence; and to the rest, he has sold the struggle by collecting bribe from Nigerian authorities. These are his sins as trumpeted by critics.

And for these perceived reasons, baseless as anything could be, they jettisoned the struggle, exposing with a surprising alacrity whatever secret of the struggle they lay hands on. Anything that will demean and lead to Nnamdi Kanu’s downfall is considered a potent weapon in their hand, the potential damage such might cause the struggle in general notwithstanding.

In their envy, they vilify the only man truly working towards our freedom, and then turn around to tell us that they are the right ones fighting for Biafra and in the right way. Funny enough, they are all in the comfort of their homes, partying up and down and even cutting deals with the supposed enemy. None of these wannabes has ever been arrested by the Nigerian police or attacked by the army.

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The man – Nnamdi Kanu – they take so much joy in slandering is currently in exile, separated from his family. This was occasioned by the murderous Nigerian military who invaded his home, killing twenty-eight men in the process. His parents – royal rulers – are still in hiding, as the palace is still under the secret eye of the Nigerian state.

Is it not ridiculous therefore that in view of these pains and many other persecutions inflicted on Kanu by the Nigerian government detractors still insinuate he has taken bribe? Nigerian government is currently hunting for him, even courting Interpol to see how they could get him. His bail has even been revoked unduly, all in a bid to chain him.
Where in the world has a government attacked those working for it? Those criticizing Kanu are actually the ones cutting deals with the Nigerian government.

Obviously, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his group, IPOB, are the only ones genuinely fighting for Biafra independence. All the other ones, especially the noisy bunch on social media, are mere pretenders, fuelled by either jealousy and envy or materialistic desires. Take them serious at your own peril.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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